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 VintageN.V. Label 1 of 15 
TypeWhite - Fortified
ProducerYalumba (web)
DesignationMuseum Reserve
SubRegionNorth East
OptionsShow variety and appellation
UPC Code(s)089208910410

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2006 and 2015 (based on 55 user opinions)
Wine Market Journal quarterly auction price: See Yalumba Muscat Museum Release on the Wine Market Journal.

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 91.8 pts. and median of 92 pts. in 289 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by mouton45 on 3/1/2015 & rated 91 points: This went great with Lynn's delicious bourbon and Coke chocolate Bundt cake that she whipped up for Cathy's birthday. This muscat is a great finisher whatever the occasional. And at under $14, a definite steal. Last bottle in my cellar, but definitely getting more (18204 views)
 Tasted by tcosgriff on 1/17/2015 & rated 95 points: Finally got to this wine, bought in 2005. Deep brown color with an extraordinary velvety, viscous feeling in the mouth. Rich bouquet and flavor of toffee, highlighted by just the right amount of acidity. Excellent balance and depth with a long finish. Very nice and very cheap. (18177 views)
 Tasted by Biggsy on 12/16/2014 & rated 91 points: Really aromatic with notes of dried fruits, burnt toffee and chocolate. Really rich and unctuous with a lovely sweetness but balanced by good acidity. Powerful and intensely flavoured with a nutty rancio character, dark chocolate and a baked fruit note. Really long and superb value as always for under 10. (18592 views)
 Tasted by golby24 on 12/12/2014 & rated 93 points: The wine looks tawny colored. It smells like fig and butterscotch. (18466 views)
 Tasted by John McCabe on 12/5/2014 & rated 93 points: Very soft on the palate, seems lacking in structure. Masses of sweet caramel, butter and toffee notes - so flavorful and rich. Almost too sweet really, but fun to drink and there is quality there. After opening, I put half the bottle in the refrigerator and finished it two months later; it was still lovely and hadn't oxidized at all as far as I could taste. (18628 views)
 Tasted by Doc90 on 11/22/2014 & rated 87 points: Hearthstone amber with a molasses tint. Alcoholic nose; sharpie. Strong molasses, syrupy body, alcohol is biting. Its trying to be a PX but falls very short. (2379 views)
 Tasted by henrygjeffreys on 9/24/2014: floral nose, grapey, caramel
very sweet, malty
nice tangy, acidity
long (2759 views)
 Tasted by cobbpa on 9/21/2014 & rated 90 points: Bottle purchased in 2009. Still good, but probably should be drunk sooner than later. Less vanilla & caramel than I noted in a prior bottle, more of dates/figs/dried fruits. Shows clear sweetness but maintains a body that is lighter than expected. Interesting. Decent length in a finish that shows some lighter fruits (2320 views)
 Tasted by GoBlue2002 on 7/10/2014 & rated 89 points: Smooth and tasty, just too sweet for my tastes (mentally I compared it to port, which of course is not a fair comparison.) (3208 views)
 Tasted by Spencer on 6/29/2014: This bottle was part of a mixed auction lot, so I am not sure how old it was. Nowhere near as good as a phenomenal bottle of Yalumba 50 year Tawny I recently opened, but still a very nice wine. Not over-the-top rich, good acidity, long and persistent finish. (3242 views)
 Tasted by LightFoot on 6/20/2014 & rated 87 points: It's good. Almost very good. As good as the bottlings from 15 years ago? Not nearly. (3086 views)
 Tasted by Iwish4256 on 4/6/2014 & rated 90 points: Handsome amber color. Aromas (a lot going on here) molasses, tea, hints of honey and orange. Palate, licorice, profoundly sweet, and syrupy. Long smooth exotic finish. (3617 views)
 Tasted by elledeca on 1/11/2014: Tawny, less treacly than I expected. Nose of walnuts, roses, burned sugar. Very balanced mouth, very good acidity to balance 300 g RS, I had two glasses! (4311 views)
 Tasted by farinas on 10/23/2013 & rated 91 points: Australian Outback Tasting (Miami, FL): This has hints of the nuttiness of a Pedro Ximenez Solera, balanced by the acidity of a Sauternes, but does not reach the heights of neither. Well made and quite enjoyable, but not memorable. (3846 views)
 Tasted by botrytisvirtuoso1819 on 9/29/2013 & rated 97 points: nose; tar, coffee, molasses, and caramel.
palate; spices, prunes, clover honey, and toffee.
full bodied.
high sweetness.
75 plus second finish.
one of Australia's very best dessert wines.
a for sure favorite of mine. (3424 views)
 Tasted by greensand on 9/12/2013 & rated 94 points: Looks like thin maple syrup, lots of residual sugar in glass. Smells mostly of raisin, with hints of other dried fruit. Complex taste, very sweet: raisin, mocha, caramel, with a finish like biting into a crisp green apple that was somehow infused with the other flavors.

Note: I did burn my tongue on some soup earlier. (6951 views)
 Tasted by patsox on 7/15/2013 & rated 93 points: Concentrated, fragrant, sweet and utterly delicious. Exactly what it's supposed to be. (2817 views)
 Tasted by lesz on 7/9/2013 & rated 93 points: very nice (2174 views)
 Tasted by ellars on 7/6/2013: Intense syrupy sweetness. Notes of caramel. Almost to the level of a Port. A tremendous dessert wine. Highly recommended. (3506 views)
 Tasted by AllRed on 4/19/2013 & rated 94 points: Dinner with Friends (E & S Fish Company, St. Charles): Dark maple syrup in color with aromas of caramel, roasted nuts, dried fruit and spice. Thick, rch texture with flavors that mirror the bouquet. Long finish. 94-95 pts. (9503 views)
 Tasted by winesnob2.0 on 3/10/2013 & rated 60 points: faggo wine (2146 views)
 Tasted by DanielJ on 3/9/2013 & rated 91 points: Interesting caramel flavor. Very nice wine (2427 views)
 Tasted by davnik on 1/19/2013 & rated 92 points: rich amber color, complex aroma and flavor palate. Long, lingering finish. A wonderful dessert wine. (9971 views)
 Tasted by Zoomin Z on 12/30/2012 & rated 94 points: Thick, smooth, balanced, long finish. Maybe best alone for dessert, as it is so strong. Like a tawny port, but thicker and sweeter. Harmonious flavors of oak, caramel, orange and raisin. It will get your attention. Amazing qpr for less than 20 USD. Excellent now, could last my lifetime. (11373 views)
 Tasted by kcsteve on 12/26/2012: No rating. Not my cup of tea. A lot of prunes and caramel. Very sweet. Long prunish finish. Did not rate as didn't feel qualified. (2707 views)
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By Josh Raynolds
Vinous, July/August 2006, IWC Issue #127
(NV Yalumba Museum Muscat Barossa (half bottle)) Subscribe to see review text.
By Josh Raynolds
Vinous, September/October 2005, IWC Issue #122
(NV Yalumba Museum Muscat Barossa (half bottle)) Subscribe to see review text.
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Producer website

N.V. Yalumba Muscat Museum Reserve Rutherglen

Yalumba Museum Reserve Muscat NV is made entirely from the red and pink
sports of the Muscat, a Petite Grains grape variety grown in the Rutherglen and
other traditional areas of northern Victoria. Dry-grown vineyards in these
warm regions are ideally suited for producing exceptionally ripe fruit. The
grapes ripen with considerable raisining of the berries regularly producing over
20 Baume. The wine is fortified with neutral grape spirit with no, or very little
fermentation to retain the varietal and raisined flavours and liqueur sweetness
in the final wine. After many years of maturation, a selection of older and
younger wines are judiciously blended to produce a complexity and balance of
fruit and aged characters. The base blend from which the Museum Muscat is
bottled is regularly re-blended to perpetuate the consistency and complexity of
the classic style from year to year.

Region Rutherglen

Vintage NV

Winemaker David Zimmermann

Alc/Vol 18%

Treatment 7 years in French oak puncheons.

pH 3.8

Total Acid 4.6 g/L

Residual Sugar 243 g/



Museum Reserve

Yalumba uses the "Museum Reserve" designation on it's entire line of fortified wines. You need to look at the labels closely (check the UPC if in doubt) to see if it is the Tawny or Muscat, and if the Tawny, is it the "21 Years Old Antique Tawny", the "50 Year Antique Tawny" or the just plain "Antique Tawny"


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