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 Vintage2006 Label 1 of 4 
ProducerWellington Vineyards (web)
VineyardEstate Vineyard
SubRegionSonoma County
AppellationSonoma Valley
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UPC Code(s)812560000167

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2010 and 2015 (based on 9 user opinions)

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 88.2 pts. and median of 88 pts. in 44 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by McMalbec on 10/3/2015 & rated 89 points: Still drinking nicely. Pleased to find that I have a few left. Peter makes good wines at an affordable price. (322 views)
 Tasted by Ajrod27 on 2/18/2015 & rated 93 points: This wine is in a great place right now. Color is deep red, not yet bricking. Big nose of fresh ripe blackberries, mission figs, fennel, sarsaparilla, leather, and hints of white pepper. Palate says blackberry and pepper, with a slightly bitter, long leathery finish. Still has plenty of tannin and will likely continue to improve over the next few years. A nice balance of fresh and secondary flavors. I'm ecstatic that I still have a bottle remaining! Hoping I can find more of this at a decent price. (760 views)
 Tasted by rjquillin on 12/14/2014: Sad, my only '06 and I thought I had more, but not this vintage; and Peter is SO. He does nice things with his estate syrah. (1019 views)
 Tasted by BuffaloLou on 3/4/2013 & rated 91 points: C: Plum purple.

N: Leather, blueberry pie, Bing cherries, fennel, dill, and violets. Absolutely gorgeous nose.

P: On the tip of the tongue I'm getting pomegranates. On the mid-palate, it's a medley of black and red berries: blackberries, plum, cherries.

F: Very long

Beautifully balanced and structured with bold fruit and complexity. Nice acidity should help it go the distance. Big and juicy in the mouth. I regret not buying more as this is an excellent QPR! (2646 views)
 Tasted by NEDoc on 1/31/2013 & rated 88 points: Definitely needed time to breathe. Not a fruit bomb wine, but a nice balance of gamey with some dark fruits. (2180 views)
 Tasted by merryberry on 12/3/2012 & rated 90 points: Consistent with last year's note. Rich aroma, wonderful mouthfeel, delicious. Give yourself a treat and make sure to save at least half for the next day. (2524 views)
 Tasted by richardhod on 11/11/2012 & rated 93 points: Outstanding Syrah, and drinking very nicely for a medium-young one. This one not corked and it's such a difference! Much better aftr 24 hours in the decanter, as it's good but tight the first day even after an hour or two, albeit still good. This suggests it will indeed age well for another decade or two!
North-Rhone style, and purple berries, rich, intense. Smooth, hefty body, but balanced acidity, fruit and soft tannins. Tannins are well-integrated now, but they are subtly apparent on the finish, with heft but not over-oaked cloyingness. The acidity zings beautifully, and on the mid-late palate has that almost minerally aspect to it which you want in a top-notch red.
Highly recommended, and I'm so lucky to have bought a case of these at a steal! Will drink gradually, and keep some for a long long time.
Worked very nicely with a cauliflower cheese w bacon and mushrooms. And with ham sandwiches. And a nice hefty root veg soup. Next time I'm having it with maybe cassoulet or something really special. (2613 views)
 Tasted by richardhod on 10/22/2012 flawed bottle: Sadly it was pretty heavily corked, (bottle whiffed) but even so it was actually drinkable! My friends didn't even notice, the fruit and structure are so powerful. The heavy TCA taint meannt it didn't taste of Syrah though, and I couldn't drink it... such a waste ! (2848 views)
 Tasted by HitAnyKey on 9/12/2012 & rated 90 points: As others stated, it's a little tight and funky initially, but it's quickly opening up. Dark berries, licorice, and peppery spice notes all dominate. Nicely integrated tannins, good balance, and a decently long finish. Peter's wines never disappoint. (1789 views)
 Tasted by Ajrod27 on 8/22/2012 & rated 91 points: I opened this bottle yesterday and it started out tight with very little on the nose and palate. Today it's like a whole other wine! A sweet nose of blueberry pie, dark cherries, fennel, pepper and a slight floral note that I can't quite pick out. Violet? Very pleasant; I could just sniff this for an hour! The palate is of blackberries, plum, pomegranate and some bell pepper and spice on the finish. Very balanced and still has the structure to go many more years. Yesterday I would have given it 85 points, today it's definitely 90+ (1899 views)
 Tasted by joannevicious on 1/5/2012 & rated 89 points: Great QPR. Needs time to open and mellow a bit. Parts could come together more smoothly. Fruit, a bit of spice, hints of oak. Would be fine in bottle a few more years. (2281 views)
 Tasted by oppsie on 3/7/2011 & rated 90 points: Drinking great right now. Works well with fatty mushroom beef barley soup. (3094 views)
 Tasted by klezman on 2/3/2011: Starts off a bit tight, astringent and vegetal, even. Needs some air.

After a few minutes starting to get some dark fruit, maybe blackberries. Surprisingly fresh still. Tannins are fairly smooth, there's some white pepper type spiciness too. Evolving well. (2934 views)
 Tasted by woodwardcellar on 1/30/2011 & rated 90 points: Wow. Wellington wins again. Incredible match with a carnitas sando and fries. Made my Friday night. (3059 views)
 Tasted by schuey on 11/5/2010 & rated 88 points: Drinking beautifully right now. Compared to the 2006 England Crest Wellington, this is a much riper, more delicious wine at this point. Great mouthfeel, tremendous nose, and an all-around winner in every aspect compared to the England Crest. If you are a wine wooter, you will have gotten both of these wines in the same sale. Wait on the England Crest and drink this now! (3086 views)
 Tasted by merryberry on 10/23/2010 & rated 90 points: Purple with ruby highlights. Blueberry pie, leather, and spice nose. Medium to full bodied, blackberries, cherries, a kiss of oak, pepper, good acid, supportive sweet tannins, a bit of heat in the back, and a lingering finish. Smooth, integrated, and balanced. Really better than I expected. (3083 views)
 Tasted by ccrida on 7/9/2010 & rated 91 points: Popped and poured though my soiree, big concentrated fruit on the nose, blueberries. Some alcohol at first but it blows off fairly quickly. Taste is similar, tannic and great acid, smooth, rich and tasty. Really digging this, made a fantastic NY strip steak a world class meal, with the char of the grilled meat it went to the next level. (3404 views)
 Tasted by TottenCellars on 6/3/2010: Thoroughly enjoyed this bottle of wine. It is a full bodied very dark syrah, very smooth with a slight bit of heat on the finish.
After letting it sit in the decanter for almost 2 hours it really opened up and had really pronounced flavors.
The nose was equally strong.
What I tasted most is what I think is blueberry. Would definitely purchase again. highly recommended (3851 views)
 Tasted by woodwardcellar on 6/2/2010 & rated 89 points: Definitely needs time to open up right now and is probably best kept in the cellar a while yet still. But the flavors are there and this is a good one. The thing that Wellington consistently does is provide incredible mouth feel in their wines and this one is more of the same. (3594 views)
 Tasted by Zo65 on 5/17/2010 & rated 91 points: Decanted 3 hours; exceptionally smooth and fruity; appropriately oaked. Absolutely delicious. (3851 views)
 Tasted by oog on 5/16/2010 & rated 84 points: Consistent with prior note. (3709 views)
 Tasted by Anonymous on 5/12/2010 & rated 85 points: Dark black-garnet. Big alcohol and earth on the nose. Just hint of fruit. Tart and jammy in mouth. Big initial acid complements fatty CPP. A little tannic; settles down with some air. Short clean finish. (3783 views)
 Tasted by klezman on 5/1/2010 & rated 88 points: A little harsh at first, but with a little bit of time to open up this turned wonderful. Fruit forward, but not a bomb. Lots of layers and I liked the texture.
Also excellent the second day, although it did lose a bit of the complexity. (3860 views)
 Tasted by discombobulated on 4/17/2010: Alcohol on nose; earthy; a little jammy smelling; robust. Very dark in color; cork was almost black. Very short finish; vegetal/soapy tasting. A pass through the vinturi made it smell more jammy and less alcoholic; tasted much drier (as in cotton tongue feeling). Sure packs a punch - I think the listed 14.3% alcohol is probably on the low side of the permitted variance. Bad hangover. Not impressed with this wine, but not a big syrah fan to begin with. (2299 views)
 Tasted by oog on 4/11/2010 & rated 84 points: Nose: Dirt, earth, a bit of fruit. A little thin looking. Taste: Mostly get spice, not overly complex, okay duration of finish and not too tannic. Maybe some blueberry. A little disappointing as I have really enjoyed the Wellington wines I've tried in the past. (4073 views)
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Wellington Vineyards

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2006 Wellington Vineyards Syrah Estate Vineyard Sonoma Valley

Varietals: 95.2% Syrah, 4.8% Viognier


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