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 Vintage2004 Label 1 of 12 
ProducerPoggio Antico (web)
AppellationBrunello di Montalcino
UPC Code(s)8032697882425

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2011 and 2020 (based on 15 user opinions)
Wine Market Journal quarterly auction price: See Poggio Antico Brunello di Montalcino on the Wine Market Journal.

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 91.5 pts. and median of 92 pts. in 91 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by hebatty on 1/31/2015 & rated 94 points: - Purple color with a medium/full body. Polished texture with a medium finish - Drank with a great dinner on 1/30, bottle was fabulous tasted of chocolate and coffee with a hint of berry good body nice legs just a great wine (789 views)
 Tasted by RDHudak on 11/16/2014 & rated 93 points: The freshest, most vibrant bottle I've had yet. Loads of dark fruit, pronounced acidity with a medium finish. Medium body. Despite being 10 years old, this seemed like such a baby and got better with a decant. The best sip was the last. Excellent! (1285 views)
 Tasted by Coupe 60 on 10/31/2014 & rated 92 points: Pnp and had with Pizza last night with family. The two years since I popped my last bottle did wonders for this wine. I really thought it was in a good drinking spot right now. Made in a modern style, black cherry, a hint of tartness. Lost some of hte gaminess from last bottle and had a more fruitful expression. Not a lot of tannins here, but it went well with pizza, and even as a sipper by itself.

Very tasty, sad to see that it was my last bottle. It was a spook-tacular Halloween treat (1292 views)
 Tasted by jwsmith on 9/20/2014 & rated 93 points: Excellent beautiful big wine (1495 views)
 Tasted by Vini Ciclismo on 9/18/2014 & rated 90 points: Deep red, dark core.
Ripe red and dark fruits with earthy spice. Lovely lifted violet floral quality.
Deeply flavoured with plums and some fruitcake spice, finishing with substantial tannins. Hints of tar, rich and earthy, but not 'gamey'. Currently has just enough fruit to balance the tannins. Still a grippy finish though. (1488 views)
 Tasted by empeters on 9/16/2014: bigger brunello
drink sooner than later - max 2 years
perfect right now (1142 views)
 Tasted by Ranjan on 6/27/2014 & rated 90 points: Great nose, medium finish (1150 views)
 Tasted by RDHudak on 6/10/2014 flawed bottle: Not corked, but this seemed to have lost most of its fruit. The cork didn't look too good either, so I'm going to chalk this as flawed. (1267 views)
 Tasted by JVG on 5/5/2014 & rated 90 points: Slightly raised cork which was wet about 2/3 of the way up. Questionable handling.

Color: Garnet at the edge and ruby in the center, with a brightness to it.

Nose: A seductively perfumed nose that combines both sweet and sour cherry fruit aromas with a heady mix of earthy and herbal smells, such as tobacco, cedar, pine, and a hint of tar, as well as new suede leather. There's also a slightly volatile balsamic character, as well as a faint whiff of alcohol (which is a bit surprising given the modest 13.5% stated ABV). Oak is perceptible as well, less due to any overt oak-related smells (though there is just a touch of toast) than to the rounded, polished way everything is stitched together. WIth air, a nice savory/smoky note of charred meat emerges.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied and vibrant.

Palate: At first, a strong kick of acid down the center of the tongue. Then the indeterminate tartness becomes more specifically juicy sour cherry, and finally calms down a bit to allow the secondary flavors to come through. There's a nice herbal, foresty character on the palate as well, halfway between a cigar box and the cigar itself, dusted with dried oregano. Strong but not overbearing tannic structure, though it leans a bit more to the wood-tannin side than I would like. Bone dry on the finish, leaving behind cherry fruit, faint cinammon, and tannin.

Another very enjoyable bottle. Seemed to be showing a little younger than the bottle I drank a year and a half ago, with more dominant fruit both on the nose and palate. But the overall experience was roughly the same. (1255 views)
 Tasted by Weston3220 on 3/18/2014: aroma is dark and meaty but slightly closed, spicy woody herbal notes on the palate full body, med+ intensity, high acid, med/+ finish
Thick Dark Brooding, hidden red juicy ripe fruit

Conc: this is not doing it for me and it may need another 10years that is fine but right now its just to big and massive (1486 views)
 Tasted by KravChick on 3/18/2014: This is a brambly dark wine, tongue stain-er and shrivel-er (yes that's a word) acidic though i think its a bit reserved not erupting as it should in a torrent of ruby deliciousness at this pont. its almost too dark, closed and pent up, which is interesting but not an OMG wine. Not what I'm used to but i can appreciate its apprehensiveness and modesty. For drinking sans food or with a dainty virtuous pasta I'd say. My man,,, he didnt like. but.. he is used to me. (1599 views)
 Tasted by SacramentoCharlie on 1/25/2014 flawed bottle: Was getting some dark red fruit with a touch of oak and tobacco in the first hour along with a touch of band aid.. but after that it just fell apart was like I was licking a beach ball with the wine inside and with a couple small holes where I could just tell what the fruit and flavors on the other side were supposed to taste like if the beach ball taste wasn't there... (1203 views)
 Tasted by jcha24 on 1/2/2014: excellent again.... (1378 views)
 Tasted by RDHudak on 12/12/2013 & rated 93 points: Delicious! N: Dusty cellar, brambly, dark fruit. P: Dusty cellar, tobacco, dark fruit and very nicely integrated tannins with balanced acidity. F: Medium+ with great structure. This was delicious and got better with time in the glass. This paired so well with grilled pizza. 92-93. (1385 views)
 Tasted by sandwich on 10/5/2013 & rated 93 points: Solid Brunello, but a tad young. Nose of vanilla and toasted oak with a memorable front loaded splash of berry. Blackberry and a hint of cherry. (1708 views)
 Tasted by RDHudak on 8/24/2013 & rated 92 points: Deep dark color. N: Dark red and black fruits, soil, black currant. P: Exploding with red fruits, black currant, tons of earth with an ever evolving flavor profile. Decanted 1 hour. F: Medium long with more of the aforementioned flavors. Balanced tannins and acidity. The structure seemed more evident with a longer decant and it continued to develop in the glass. 92+, easy. (1596 views)
 Tasted by Grape_ape on 8/24/2013: best bottle so far... thankfully haven't run across another corked bottle yet (knock wood) (1846 views)
 Tasted by Woodford on 6/7/2013 & rated 88 points: Smells of alcohol, raisins, tar, graphite, and stone. Tastes of red berries, sweet purple fruits (dates), and had a nice balance of minerality. Unfortunately after 45 minutes it developed a chemical smell & taste which became overpowering. Until then we found it classic & delicious. Medium bodied. (2000 views)
 Tasted by tirmi on 5/6/2013 & rated 91 points: Cherry (2063 views)
 Tasted by Grape_ape on 4/1/2013 & rated 92 points: Thankfully not a corked bottle... this one was drinking really well.. lots of savory sangiovese character, juicy sour cherry, earth, leather, still pretty tannic on the finish. Hoping the remaining bottles perform similarly. (1983 views)
 Tasted by jcha24 on 2/26/2013: really nice (1978 views)
 Tasted by Rich S on 2/24/2013 & rated 93 points: Popped and slow ox'd for about 1.5 hours. Dark garnet color. Great nose of roasted plums, bloody meat, balsamic reduction and other savory aromas. Really great nose. On the palate there were flavors of plums, black cherries, a bit of toasted oak, maduro cigar wrapper and a touch of chocolate. Medium+ acid, medium tannins, smooth mouthfeel and a long finish. This wine was hitting on all cylinders for me. (1861 views)
 Tasted by SacramentoCharlie on 2/23/2013 flawed bottle: Flawed. flavors were bitter beach ball rubber & band aid. 2hrs in the decanter with no improvement. Lot 108 (1458 views)
 Tasted by wirelesswine on 2/10/2013 flawed bottle: Corked. Lot 108 (1419 views)
 Tasted by Quarked on 1/20/2013 & rated 93 points: Before dinner, this was given about 3 hours of decanting, then put back in the bottle for an hour or two, then decanted another hour. Before decanting, this was hard to appreciate, as the tannins were rock solid and there was an unpleasant bitterness that dominated the flavor. After decanting, this was smooth and gorgeous, with a long finish, well-integrated alcohol and tannins, some dark fruit and wood, and no bitterness. (1512 views)
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The World of Fine Wine, March 2010, Issue #27
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By Stephen Tanzer
Vinous, July/August 2009, IWC Issue #145
(Poggio Antico Brunello di Montalcino) Subscribe to see review text.
By Antonio Galloni
Vinous, 2004 Brunello di Montalcino: A Vintage Full of Surprises (Jun 2009)
(Poggio Antico Brunello Di Montalcino) Subscribe to see review text.
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Poggio Antico

Producer website


SANGIOVESE: (Pronounced "sahn-joh-vhe-se").
Sangiovese - Italy's claim to fame, the pride of Tuscany. Traditionally made, the wines are full of cherry fruit, earth, and cedar. It produces Chianti (Classico), Rosso di Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montepulciano, Montefalco Rosso, and many others. Sangiovese is also the backbone in many of the acclaimed, modern-styled "Super-Tuscans", where it is blended with Bordeaux varietals (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc) and typically aged in French oak barrels, resulting a wine primed for the international market in the style of a typical California cabernet: oaky, high-alcohol, and a ripe, jammy, fruit-forward profile.[16]

Semi-classic grape grown in the Tuscany region of Italy. Used to produce the Chianti and other Tuscan red wines. Has many clonal versions, two of which seem to predominate. The Sangiovese Grosso clone Brunello variety is used for the dark red, traditionally powerful and slow-maturing "Brunello di Montalcino" wine. The other is the Sangiovese Piccolo, also known under the historical synonym name Sangioveto, used for standard Chianti Classico DOC wines. Old vine derived wine is often used in the better versions, needing several years ageing to reach peak. A third clone, Morellino, is used in a popular wine blend with the same name found in the southern part of the province. Recent efforts in California with clones of this variety are very promising, producing medium-bodied reds with rich cherry or plumlike flavors and aromas. Among the available clonal versions are R6 and R7, derived from the Montalcino region of Italy, having average productivity/ripening and producing small berries on medium size clusters. R10 and R24 are well-recommended. R23, listed as deriving from the Emilia-Romagna region, has good vigor with medium-small clusters with earlier ripening. R102 derives from the Montepulciano region and reported to have average vigor with moderate productivity that results in higher sugar levels and good acidity from medium-small berries on medium-small clusters. Has synonym name of Nielluccio where grown in Corsica.


Italian Wines (ItalianMade.com, The Italian Trade Commission) | Italian Wine Guide on the WineDoctor


Tuscany (ItalianMade.com) | Tuscany


Montalcino website

Brunello di Montalcino

Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino (Official DOCG website)

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