2002 Vérité Le Désir

Red Bordeaux Blend

  • USA
  • California
  • Sonoma County

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Community Tasting Note

  • Fractalage Likes this wine: 92 points

    November 10, 2018 - Tight, backwards still, took 4 hours to display any real nose.
    Palate had tight young fruit and spicey dry tannins that never really hit that "worth the money" spot.
    Shoot for the $$ I can immediately think of 30 wines I would rather have purchased:
    - Any Auguste Clape Cornas
    - Any 1996 Barolo
    - Any 2000 left bank Bordeaux
    - 2006 Mandala
    - 2014 La Joie
    - 1989 La Chappelle
    - 2015 Montebello Cab
    - 1996 La Jota
    - Jonata La Sangra
    - Any 90's Tolmach
    - Any Christoph Baron
    - bla bla bla yes I wasted my money



  • Thad commented:

    12/23/18, 11:40 PM - Great review, it is not just the money, it is what we could of had instead
    I do appreciate tasting the highly rated trophy wines once in a while to confirm why I do not buy them. Thank you for doing that for me

  • Fractalage commented:

    12/29/18, 2:22 PM - CT is great for that. Thanks for the comment.
    Since, I will have to add to this list the 2003 Schultz Marcus, as it far surpassed its price point. It might be the best bottle I've ever had at any price for just $60.

    I think that is my quest, to find the best value for the taste. For the money, I think Blankiet has hit that for the massively overpriced Napa selection. But, at this point in my wine journey, I am still far to inexperienced really say much.

  • Otaku Oenophile commented:

    5/5/19, 11:38 AM - Surprised to see you mention the 2014 La Joie.

    From the 07 and 15 I've had I thought anything older than the 07 is game and 07 and younger need years in the cellar.

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