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CellarTracker was originally created in March, 2003 by Eric LeVine (click for full bio) as a way to keep track of his own cellar. At the time he was working at Microsoft, and CellarTracker was a simple hobby. After extending the site to allow two friends to use it, Eric was intrigued by the potential to create a broader phenomenon. In July, 2003 he launched a small beta program for CellarTracker which grew to 100 users tracking 60,000 bottles. Still working at Microsoft, Eric publicly launched the site in April, 2004, and it has steadily grown ever since. Eric officially left Microsoft in August, 2004 to spend most of his waking time on CellarTracker.

Now CellarTracker is the leading cellar management tool with hundreds of thousands of collectors tracking more than 125 million bottles. CellarTracker has also grown to become the largest database of community tasting notes with more than 8.5 million such notes as of late 2020. Every year more than 10 million wine enthusiasts come to the site to read reviews and garner wine recommendations.

The Team

In October, 2012, Dan Polivy (click for full bio), also a Microsoft veteran, joined CellarTracker as its second fulltime employee. Dan runs all engineering for us, has been instrumental in the modernization and overhaul of the site user experience, building the modern architecture for our mobile site and most recently migrating us entirely to the cloud.

Andrew Hall (click for full bio) has also made vital, ongoing contributions to the site going back to 2004 with his focus on the wine database and editorial aspects of that information. In October, 2013 he joined the team full time as our Editorial director.

As of 2019, Julie Draper has come on board to help with customer bulk imports, external review data, and wine creation as well.

Laura Conway and Colm Lee have also helped the site over the years with the integration of external review and auction data.

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