2009 Force Majeure Collaboration Series III Ciel du Cheval Vineyard


  • USA
  • Washington
  • Columbia Valley
  • Red Mountain

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Community Tasting Note

  • recotte Likes this wine:

    October 9, 2019 - Hmm, seems my CT inventory is off, insofar as this was definitely in my Eurocave but not in CT. Anywho...

    PnP, this was showing very well on initial pour at slightly warmer than cellar temperature. As time wore on and temperature increased to room temp, it fell out of balance, with tannins becoming somewhat harsh, overpowering the still strong fruit. Still, at ten years in, this is drinking well, if you keep the temp under control.

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  • Tim Heaton commented:

    10/9/19, 1:41 PM - i opened an 09 IV here in Italy earlier this year; also opened lots of lovely, similarly aged French and Italian wines alongside. Unsurprisingly, the FM stuck out like a sore thumb, and required attention to keep it in balance. the person that I brought it for specifically was in love with it so that's all that matters

  • recotte commented:

    10/9/19, 2:19 PM - I'm definitely finding that, for some of the WA wines, as they gain some age, they require TLC when serving to keep them in their sweet spot.

  • ChrisinCowiche commented:

    10/10/19, 2:05 PM - I have a bunch of these. This one plus many other FM from this era. I suspect the big RM fruit isn't aging well on the Rhone varieties, so will put some in the queue soon to see what I think. Thanks for the note Eric.

  • Redmtnman commented:

    10/21/19, 12:15 PM - I opened a 2006 CIII a couple of weeks ago and was surprised by the youthfulness and energy it was still showing. Still a lot of life left. Agree that serving temp should be maintained in the 65-68 degree range.

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