2005 Virgin Hills

Red Blend

  • Australia
  • Victoria
  • Port Phillip
  • Macedon Ranges

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Community Tasting Note

  • graemeg wrote:

    June 3, 2020 - {screwcap, 13%} Different provenance but very similar to February’s bottle. Sweet aged fruits, compost, jam, soft dusty tannins, medium acidity. Enjoyable wine still, but certainly peaky, with trembling hints of volatility. A bit drying on the finish; although it’s pleasant it’s not all that complex; the fruit has faded relative to the more boney elements of the structure. Ah, well. Very nice to throw back as a mid-week drinker, especially considering the ambitions once held for the label.



  • Milliontown commented:

    6/3/20, 6:19 PM - Can you elaborate on what "the ambitions once held for the label" were? Really hard to find out any info about this producer online. What happened exactly? Does the vineyard still exist?

  • graemeg commented:

    6/6/20, 12:30 AM - Yes, it’s a bit Brigadoon, as wineries go! No idea of current status of vineyards, brand, ownership. Had some lovely wines over the years but I imagine a vertical from the 70s would be rather a shop of horrors. Suspect someone harvests from the vineyards but the brand is moribund these days. All I know of it was from Halliday’s Classic Wines 3rd ed (2002), although I did once have dinner with the then Hope Estate guys who’d just acquired the operation about 20 years ago.
    I added a photo of one page of the Halliday book to the 2005 vintage with some history, albeit 20 years old!

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