2016 Venge Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Silencieux

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • USA
  • California
  • Napa Valley

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Community Tasting Note

  • Likes this wine: 92 points

    January 31, 2021 - Deep black thick wine. Blackberry liquor and a sort of umami quality that I can't exactly pin down but find very pleasant. Great QPR.

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  • Mark1npt commented:

    1/31/21, 9:49 AM - I agree, one of the best qpr in all of Napa and the '18 continues in that tradition, though it is a slightly different wine, a little more red fruited than in past years, IMO.

  • Decanting Queen commented:

    2/1/21, 3:24 AM - I just saw this note/comment. I didn’t get red fruited in mine. I will look for it when I finish the bottle. Thick black fruit is about right. I don’t think it is ready yet

  • Decanting Queen commented:

    2/1/21, 3:32 AM - And sorry, I am referring to the ‘18 not the ‘16!!

  • Mark1npt commented:

    2/1/21, 3:42 AM - Yes, Jen. I thought the '18 was less black and also less thick/syrupy. I actually liked the change in fruit from past years.

  • Decanting Queen commented:

    2/1/21, 3:47 AM - Mark, agree on the texture, it wasn’t syrupy, just big black fruit and the tannins more present than usual in a silenceaux. Big like many ‘18s.

  • Mark1npt commented:

    2/1/21, 4:28 AM - Well, thanks Jen....I wasn't going to drink tonight after another Jimbopalooza last night, but now you have me wondering......thanks a lot!

  • Decanting Queen commented:

    2/2/21, 2:55 AM - Lol, curious to hear what you think now. It surely has evolved since your trip

  • Mark1npt commented:

    2/2/21, 5:59 AM - Jen, I made it 24 hours without having a bottle....but the Silenciuex are just sitting there in a crate staring me in the face because my cellar has no open slots left.........going to try hard to wait one more day, or two!

  • commented:

    2/2/21, 7:19 AM - Mark, I face the same dilemma on the daily. Trying to wait for the weekend or some celebratory reason to rationalize opening up a bottle on a Tuesday.

  • Mark1npt commented:

    2/2/21, 7:33 AM -'s a real pain in the ass, isn't it? Lol.......

  • Decanting Queen commented:

    2/3/21, 2:23 AM - Mark, well done, it looks like you have held off for a few days despite the temptation!! Still curious for your thoughts when you get to that ‘18

  • Mark1npt commented:

    2/3/21, 5:03 AM - Maybe I'll open one with HMC tomorrow!

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