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White - Off-dry
2017 Theo Minges Scheurebe QbA feinherb Pfalz
2/4/2020 - hcl-1 wrote:
90 points
Tolles Süße-/Säurespiel, Weinbergpfirsich, Mirabelle, Aprikose, sehr schöner Schmelz.
  • hcl-1 commented:

    2/10/20, 1:58 AM - Seems to be a good time to drink it. Very good wine, from very nice ppl, who do a lot of interesting wines, especially sweet ones. But this one is of their top QPRs at € 7,80 over my 10 year testing period.

2011 Château Guiraud Le G Bordeaux Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend
8/10/2013 - hcl-1 wrote:
89 points
Dieses Mal ohne vorherige Belüftung. Am Anfang gutes Volumen mit deutlichen Sauvignon blanc und Semillon Elementen. Nach ca. einer Stunde dann eine Phase in der er sehr trocken/säuerlich wirkte. Diese Phase wird vermutlich durch die 2 stündige Belüftung normalerweise überbrückt. In Zunkunft muss ich mir also wieder die Zeit nehmen und ihn rechtzeitig vorher öffnen.
  • hcl-1 commented:

    8/12/13, 2:20 AM - First of all, I have anosmia, which means, that my nose doesn't work (-> profile). I can taste though and, from my personal experience, I can usually taste quite well, while 'normal' ppl usually only have a very rudimentary taste sense (they can smell, so why bother with taste :).

    Second, I usually ventilate this wine for about 2 hours, which brings it into the state I like most about it and which is certainly much more SB as it was in my last try. Althoug I didn't find it to be too vegetal, I had SBs which were 'worse' regarding this (I don't like the vegetal taste so much, when it gets too dominating).
    So this time I popnpoured it and it was quite different, but like I wrote, only for like 20 minutes. After that it became quite acidic / sour and wasn't that nice anymore. Maybe you hit this phase in your last try as well, it fits your description. In the beginning it had a fruity opulence with some sweetness, which reminded me of a young, fruity Gewurztraminer (not the Alsace stuff, more the Pfalz/Germany style). Anyway, to me the proper state for this wine is the one after 2 hours, because it's delicious, it's balanced and it's stable (until the next day, although it fades a little bit). The 'semillon state' is interesting, but not lasting. It's actually to short to drink the bottle in that time (well, drink AND enjoy :)).
    Oh and don't forget, everything I write is only tastewise. The wine might be very vegetal in the nose, I just don't know (unfortunately). :)

  • hcl-1 commented:

    8/13/13, 2:39 AM - Thanks for your compassion. The condition isn't that bad though, because I think one can't really miss something that he never experienced. I think anosmia is much harder when it hits somebody after 30-50 years. I just have the feeling, that I miss something, but I don't really know.

    Ignoring your nose might get difficult, because even when the wine is in your mouth, you can still smell it (at least, that's what I heard/read :)). The only way to switch off your nose is when you have a cold. Most people say they can't taste anymore, when they have a cold. I can, pretty normal. I think, what you taste, when you have a cold, is your real taste sense and that doesn't seem to be much for most people (the only restriction I have when I'm sick is, that some things are not tasty anymore, mostly things that aren't healthy while being sick, like wine, heavy food etc. That's probably the body's way of saying "Don't have foie gras with Gewürztraminer, try chicken soup and fruit instead". ;-))

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