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2001 Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 4 Rutherford
3/14/2015 - sequoiagrove Likes this wine:
98 points
It's my wife's birthday so I wnated to open something special. this is not available in Denmark, and I only had this and then the 2009. The bottle is beautiful. I first opened it to check if it needed decanting. The cork smelled like 80% dark chocolate and cedar. My wife concurred.

I gave my wife the glass to sip and she exclaimed "wow what IS this?? this is amazing, why are we not drinking this every day!" Well, I have 120 reasons why not, and those are not in Danish Kroner, plus one for the fact its not available to buy here.

When I've had the horizontals with different clones of cabernet, Clone 4 always won. It has that darkness I love, the dust and earth I love in a good cab, and that perfect tannin texture that make me so happy on the finish, that not even the La Tour Carnet has.

This 2001 bottle still had a firm tannin grip , so I decided to decant it, and it helped a lot to prolong the finish and bring out some blackberry. Before that it has slight sherry notes and eucalyptus, but the dark fruits came out in the decanter. It also had a very thick chocolate body that makes the trend of cab and choc tastings make sense.

It is so sad that this kind of wine doesnt exist in Denmark. I think the closest is Beringer Private Reserve. There could be more, that I just dont know about.
  • James B commented:

    10/7/15, 8:47 PM - Very thoughtful review. Thank you for your input.

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