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White - Sparkling
1998 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne Brut La Grande Dame Champagne Blend
2/6/2013 - jc-mmb Likes this wine:
90 points
one bottle slightly off i think. the other was not bad but was hoping for better from this house. nose was a little non-giving and "stale" without much oomph. the palate is well rounded but just no wow. nice bubbles, nice fruit, nice yeasty, nice, nice and nice. but the man who bags my groceries is nice, very nice in fact. i wanted more than nice from this bottle. maybe lacking in acid which might have brought this up a little. finish is better than average and does keep you coming back.
  • jc-mmb commented:

    5/13/13, 11:31 AM - hi c-maniac. good question - thanks. i guess i looked at it this way. 50 to start, of course. 5 for color as there was no flaw here. gave the nose 11 of 15 (equates to a 72%). had some nose just lacked oomph. gave the palate 16 - everything was nice and had nice fruit and yeast, maybe just lacking some acid to bring it together. 16/20 equates to 80%. i gave the final category 8/10 as this may get better and the finish did make me come back for more. so thats 90 poiints. maybe my note lacked some deeper tones and specifics. dont recall when i wrote the note in relation to tasting/time of day etc. thanks.

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