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1995 Domaine Jamet Côte-Rôtie Syrah
1/12/2022 - Nanda wrote:
94 points
A wow, lights out nose that is both explosive and intricately complex with so much going on from fresh black fruit to dried black fruits, a range of smoked meat and game, pepper, bacon, and florals. The palate has similar complexity in a still fresh and round fruit package. Would've loved to spend a whole evening with this bottle.
  • qing0412 commented:

    1/17/22, 3:07 PM - My favorite of the night along with 2005 Rouget Echezeaux and 2015 Cavallotto San Giuseppe.

2006 Cappellano Barolo Piè Franco Otin Fiorin (Gabutti) Nebbiolo
5/25/2014 - dbp wrote:
92 points
Five Cappellano Baroli with Piedmont inspired cuisine: Poured alongside the 2006 Rupestris. Very exuberant aromas, though coming across slightly steamy. Very heavy, delicious strawberries with some briar as well. The palate has very impressive smooth, soft, creamy texture. I absolutely love the way this wine feels on the tongue. It's large scaled, but oh so sexy. Again some surprising steaminess, but here there's also puckering acidity on the palate. Coupled with that creaminess, it's very nice. This was quite a bit softer on the palate than the '06 Rupestries. The finish dials up with a nice puckering notion, and has a very heavy, large scaled presence to itself. Hugely grippy tannins on the finish, but overall a little warmer feeling than expected.
  • qing0412 commented:

    12/9/20, 2:11 PM - What do you mean by “steamy”, hot?

  • qing0412 commented:

    12/9/20, 2:45 PM - Thank you!

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