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2017 Vice Versa Chardonnay Platt Vineyard Sonoma Coast
I'm going with "I just don't get this wine".

Despite 6 hours of air on day one, and then another 3 hours on day two after the day one experience left me wanting, I never got past the super-acidic, super-lemon-grapefruit stage. Never found the weight that others experiences either. No honey, no stone, no minerality -- just tart yellow/pink citrus.

I am almost always aligned in my notes with the most of the others who commented on this wine, and I'm also a fan of all of the other Vice Versa wines, so this is very confusing to me. Since I had a similar reaction (and dissonance) re: the 2016 VV Platt Chardonnay, I'm left with the sad conclusion that this wine is simply beyond my understanding.
  • pbreton commented:

    8/9/20, 1:53 PM - What was the serving temperature? It sounds like it might have been too cold. We like to serve this at cellar temperature.

  • pbreton commented:

    8/9/20, 4:35 PM - Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.

    I'm glad you like my cabernets. Please let me know next time in the valley.


2015 Vice Versa Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
3/21/2020 - GQG Likes this wine:
97 points
This outstanding 2015 is playing the white keys, the black keys, and the cracks right now! It's playing with everything it's got.

Blueberry, dark cherry, and spice with an incredibly long finish that has shed its tartness in favor of a completely balanced and smooth delivery. I love trying all sorts of wines from the world over, but when I open a Vice Versa, it's like coming home.
  • pbreton commented:

    3/22/20, 12:35 PM - Beautiful tasting note. I love the correlation with piano music as I think of wine in tones, pitch, modulation, texture, etc. I've especially loved the piano works of Chopin and Scriabin since my musicology studies in my youth.

    And "..when I open Vice Versa, it's like coming home." Wow. I can't ask for anything more. Thank you.

    The 2015 is one of my favorite vintages for this wine. So pure, seamless, silky, complete and well balanced. Very legato. Zen.

    Be safe & stay healthy!


2015 Vice Versa Cabernet Sauvignon The Magnificent Seven Napa Valley
11/11/2017 - Cristal2000 Likes this wine:
95 points
Blind wine tasting of 2014 Realm Absurd, 2015 Carter GTO, 2015 Scarlett Reserve, 2013 Tusk and 2015 Vice Versa Magnificent Seven. Eight total raters. Wine decanted for approximately 8 hours prior to consumption.

This was my #4 and the group's last place finisher. Based on my previous tasting of it, the incredible quality of the vineyards and exceptional winemaking (not to mention $400 price tag), I expected it to compete for the title. Sadly it did not. As a bit of a disclaimer, I did open it the day I received it, so that could've accounted for the poorer than expected showing.

Despite everything said above, it was still a terrific wine. Dark purple in the glass, with notes of blueberry, forest floor, black licorice and a hint of pepper. This has lots of vanilla and a good amount of fruit, to go with a small bit of oak. It was less integrated than the others, with some biting and astringent qualities on the mid pallet and finish. And despite being a very big wine, for some reason in comparison to the others it felt a little light and watery.
  • pbreton commented:

    11/15/17, 4:37 PM - Hi Cristal2000,

    The 15s were bottled in August and just shipped. Simply give them a bit of time to resolve bottle shock. They will be singing shortly.

    All the best!


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