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2014 Cayuse Camaspelo Walla Walla Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
8/24/2019 - brettlaurvick wrote:
94 points
This might be the best red wine I've had this year. Completely balanced. Subtle nose, but you can tell there are layers of red fruit.
Full bodied and silky mouthfeel. Drank a glass a night for four nights and kept getting better each night.
Drink or hold.
  • bjecjohnson commented:

    7/5/20, 6:15 AM - When you experience the wine getting better each night, how are you storing it each day? Cork back in and just leave it on the counter, vacuum seal and put in the fridge giving it time to come back to room temp, putting the cork back in and putting in a temp controlled cellar? Rarely do I have a wine past the night it is opened, but I might open up a couple of bottles for variety if I have a good method for evolving them over a couple of days.

2011 Hewitt Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford
12/18/2016 - RayT wrote:
90 points
I agree with YACK MAN. The last bottle of this I had was the greenest of all the 2011's I had drank. Had almost been dreading cracking this bottle. The vegetal flavor was gone but this was still a little disjointed and out of balance. I decanted for 3 hours and it had still not come all together although it did improve as I drank it over another hour or so. It felt like another 6 months might do this bottle good. I do love the 2010 Hewitt if only I could find more.
  • bjecjohnson commented:

    5/19/17, 2:10 PM - I was just at Hewitt last month and bought two bottles of the 2010. I'm a member though, but there are still some bottles out there. I'm not sure if you can pay for a Hewitt tasting and buy Hewitt wine even if you don't join (if you aren't already a member).

  • bjecjohnson commented:

    5/19/17, 7:58 PM - $260 for the 2010. I also picked up a bottle of the 2005 for $350 only because it was the year we got married. Granted they've been properly storing it for me for all these years, but I'm sure they weren't charging anywhere near that back in 2007-8 when they likely released it.

2010 Mauro Sebaste Barolo Trésüri Nebbiolo
6/15/2015 - WineKnurd wrote:
83 points
Bright fruits but candied; predominately cherry Twizzlers with some earthy-black tea hints and a slight medicinal twang but a tad too much heat. Thin and bitter on the finish, wish the alcohol and tannins would play nicer. Can't decide if it's too modern or not quite modern enough; either way not my cup of Barolo due to dominance of alcohol and French oak in lieu of the natural florals and spice of traditional Barolo. $35 at Total Wine doesn't sweeten the sour finish but not regretting the splurge on a 2010. Overall evaluation: B-.
  • bjecjohnson commented:

    8/15/15, 12:07 PM - Take into consideration that 2010 was the best vintage in 10 years (2000-2010) in Piedmont and a lot of Barolos need about 10 years to age before they really open up. Not every bottle is great, but I'd venture to say it was probably opened too early.

2008 Blackbird Vineyards Arise Oak Knoll District Red Bordeaux Blend
4/30/2011 - merryberry wrote:
88 points
From 50ml bottle. 42% Merlot, 38% Cab Sauv, 20% Cab Franc. Red-tinged purple. Blackberry, plum, and oak nose. Medium bodied, currents, black cherry cola, smoke, cedar, astringent tannins, good acid, too much heat, and a part chocolate, part green, medium+ finish. Too young now, but complex and has potential.
  • bjecjohnson commented:

    6/8/11, 11:17 PM - Assuming you got the 50ml bottle from I did as well and ordered a full bottle after tasting it. Can't wait to see this in 5-10 years.

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