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2013 KEW Vineyards Heritage Beamsville Bench VQA Red Blend (view label images)
6/23/2018 - Wine Learner wrote:
1975 Ch√Ęteau Talbot St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
12/26/2017 - Wine Learner wrote:
85 points
I have never before opened such an old bottle of wine. This bottle was purchased and drank at the holidays specifically because it was bottled in the year of my birth and I shared with my best friend who is a day younger than me. I followed the wine seller's recommendation and opened this bottle with an ah-so wine opener (otherwise known as 'the Butler's Friend'). Having to do it again, I would have tried a device that sucks out the cork. In the process of opening this bottle, I first managed to sink the cork a quarter inch before removing it to find 1/5 of the cork still stuck in the bottle's neck. I remedied this by pushing the remaining cork into the bottle before serving. The wine tasted less like the structured and complex Bordeaux I have come to know and love and more like a soft, weak Merlot. I would certainly try another Talbot from 1975. Though, next time, I would spend more on a better example. I paid $125 for this bottle and it clearly had seen some moisture as indicated by the label's stains.
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