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6/11/2009 - ta-kimura wrote:
93 points
Cherry and strawberry on nose and in mouth. Good acidity to much with traditional Japanese foods.
8/7/2009 - ta-kimura wrote:
90 points
Tropical fruits and lemon on the nose. A little bit grapefruits of Rosella's in the mouth. Good acidity and mineral.
7/27/2009 - ta-kimura wrote:
90 points
Pineapple and oak nose. Medium to full body with nice acidity. A little bit oak finish.
7/9/2009 - ta-kimura wrote:
94 points
Decanted 2h. Smoke and dark fruits nose. Still tight with tannins, but excellent structure. No heat at ll. More than 30sec finish. This evolves with softening the tannins.
7/3/2009 - ta-kimura wrote:
89 points
Consumed second bottle. Popped and poured. Dark berry on nose and mouth. A little bit thin mid-palate. Very fleshy. Excellent QPR. On 2nd day, mid-palate was filled up.
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