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  • 2007 Spring Mountain Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

    I’ve been in full shelter-in-place for 11 days now and seeing all these posts from everyone digging into their cellars for nicer bottles finally got to me.

    I opened up the bottle and half of the cork came out, much to my chagrin, but fortunately the bottom half held together just fine on the second go and did an excellent job keeping the wine in good shape. There was an insane amount of sediment which may or may not be visible in the photo, so I strained and decanted very slowly to make sure it was a pleasant experience.

    The nose started off very feral and earthy, lacking barnyard quality but with a strong mushroom, green bell pepper quality that eventually blew off. By hour three it was still present, but much more gentile, with purple fruits and wild flowers starting to show as well.

    The palate showed similarly to the nose, a little brash and earthy to start, but still with a high toned, mountain fruit richness. Medium acid and medium plus body, and ultra fine, persistent tannin with a very long finish. Spiced plum, rosemary, thyme, bell pepper, boysenberry, cassis and a touch of leather. This still has years of life, but was firmly in its first plateau of maturity and clearly right in my sweet spot. The air really rounded any rough edges and added an elegance that was missing in the first 60 minutes.

    I drank it with a well seasoned rib eye, yams and carrots. It was an excellent pairing and I found a lot of beauty in it’s simplicity.

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  • 2015 Quivira Grenache Wine Creek Ranch

    PnP with my parents.

    Nose evolved over three hours. Initially rich, red fruit and a hint of peppercorn. After 30min to an hour the red fruit became more brambly, racier and floral element started to emerge. After more than two hours the nose had started to shine more and was a beautiful melange of spiced plum, currants, clove, floral essence and thyme.

    The palate didn't do nearly as much changing as the nose, staying firmly in the lush red fruited range. Fine, almost imperceptible tannin. Had medium acid that kept it nicely fresh and a wonderful spicy element to it that kept the fruit from being overly showy.

    Not one I'd personally age much longer, but I'd pour this for my friends and family all day long - especially with sweeter bbq.

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  • 2017 Domaine Saint-Damien Gigondas La Louisiane

    Nose: roses, blackberry, strawberry purée, garrigue, cracked white pepper, elderflower essence, spiced plum, raspberry
    Palate: raspberry sorbet, lemongrass, a melange of spices - white pepper, allspice, star anise, plum, garrigue and green bell pepper
    Very rich. Chewy texture with fine, grippy tannin. Floral, red and black fruited nose with a spicy, rich palate. Medium acid, medium body and a moderate length on the finish. For me, very delicious and clearly a murdered baby. I also love this style of wine while it’s young so I don’t feel badly about it
    Day 3: the intensity has mellowed considerably and there is more spiced pluot, blackberry and bramble quality to the palate. Still a beautiful, silky texture with a dryness on the finish despite the rich fruit. The theme of this wine is excellent spiced red fruit.

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