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  • 2020 Nova Cadamatre Riesling Snowshell Vineyards

    Nova FL Riesling ’20 5Y FAV
    August 2021
    Opened last night...will review in a couple days

    OK - getting around to reviewing - in mid-September.
    First eveninig, paired with: caprese drizzled with Key Lime balsamic - smooth, off-dry, moderately tart :-) ; crab cake (a bit spicy) - slightly sweet over the spicy-heat; corn on the cob - soft, smooth, lightly dry with sweetness seeping through.

    Second evening: alone and cold - grapefruit tartness; with caprese drizzled with fig balsamic - a little more off-dry than previously with key lime balsamic; grilled salmon - softer, no tartness; TJ's multigrain sourdough - grapefruit tart sweetness (like a pink grapefruit???)

    Third night: Doing a side-by-side with the Reserve: Alone, cold - off-dry, lemony;
    with the Kale-Squash soup - softer, faint lemon

    Finished off bottle with a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie - DELICIOUS!!!!

    Thank you, Nova! <3

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  • 2020 Nova Cadamatre Riesling "R" Reserve

    Nova Cadamatre FL Reserve 2020 4 Y
    September 2021
    One of our brand new winemakers creating our FIRST!!!! NEW YORK STATE FINGER LAKES wines! So glad NW & Nova introduced themselves - we've been waiting a long time for the left coast to recognize that the right coast has excellent AVAs, too!

    Nova's Reserve Riesling is significantly drier than her un-Reserve.

    I seem to have made very scant notes on pairings. The first evening, I only noted that alone - and COLD - it was definitely a dry Riesling. The next evening, I managed to sip, eat and take notes. Again, COLD: dry, grapefruity. As it became less cold, it remained quite tart. I paired it with a hearty "stewp" (officially 'soup' but mine are always very thick) of kale, butternut squash, tomatoes, farro, and chicken broth. (on a subsequent evening, I added some cider to liquify it a bit - DELICIOUS!!!) With this soup, the wine was less tart and softer. Very tasty pairing.

    I ordered the "pre-order" case of three each of Nova's two Finger Lakes Rieslings, so I will try to make notes with further pairings and share in an update.

    Thank you, Nova, for creating two wonderful examples of NYS Rieslings! I must admit I'm looking forward to your 2022 addition of a sweeter one, but these two will surely be a very popular introduction.

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  • 2018 Ana Diogo-Draper Doce & Forte

    Ana Diogo-Draper D+F 18 Y 4.5

    August 2021
    This bottle has been open for several months and sipped sparingly with no noticeable negative results. Kept in shipping box, as cool as possible.

    My only notes seem to be from early May (bottle was open at that time), when I enjoyed a glass with a lemon bar. This combo created a smooth, dark fruit heat.

    In early July, I read Oscar's post about his port and strawberry slushy and used the remainder of the bottle for that most tasty-sounding concoction. I accompanied my first glass of that with a snickerdoodle - yummmm

    Thank you, Ana, for creating your Doce+Forte port-style for us!

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