CellarTracker! Christens site with one millionth bottle of wine

Upstart Web site experiences rapid growth

SEATTLE, WA - June 24, 2005, CellarTracker! (www.cellartracker.com), a leading virtual wine cellar inventory management Web site, recently announced that its approximately 7,000 registered users have an accumulated inventory that has surpassed one million bottles of wine.

CellarTracker! launched April 25, 2004 with 265 users and 65,000 inventoried bottles. By the same date one year later, the Web site had grown to 6,000 registered users with 825,000 bottles.  To date, the number of registered users continues to grow at approximately 10 percent each month.

“For a site that started out with humble beginnings, I am truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and popularity from the thousands of users,” said Eric LeVine, founder of CellarTracker!  “We have constantly made improvements and modification in order to make the site more user-friendly within this share-ware concept.  One million bottles in a little over a year is an exciting milestone, and we’re anticipating the number of users, inventory and features to continue growing rapidly.”

CellarTracker! has secured a unique niche in the wine community due to its easy-to-use features and flexible Web-based technology.  Unlike most PC-based cellar software programs, which can only be accessed at one location, CellarTracker! has the ability to connect users via any Web-enabled device, including a cellphone or PDA.

Several features of CellarTracker! include:

  • Report and search a user’s wine cellar inventory by producer, vintage, varietals, maturity, etc.
  • Input purchase price and valuation data
  • Log personal tasting notes
  • Record bottle location
  • Print restaurant-quality wine lists and individually bar-coded bottles
  • Participate in a vibrant online community of wine enthusiasts, including more than 34,000 tasting notes
  • Upload images of bottles and wine labels

“PC-based programs are rigid, and most people forget to input their data on the system once they’ve returned home from a wine experience,” said LeVine. “Having immediate access to your cellar via the Web helps keep your information in order and current.  Also, it’s convenient to have thousands of tasting notes about a particular bottle you’re thinking of purchasing – in essence it’s like having a personal sommelier.”

About CellarTracker

CellarTracker! is Web-based wine cellar inventory management software and community of wine lovers. Once registered, users can report and search their virtual wine cellar by producer, vintage, varietal and maturity, as well as log personal tasting notes, price, valuation data and more. CellarTracker! is accessible from any Web browser as well as a PDA or cell phone. For more information, please visit www.cellartracker.com.