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Red Bordeaux Blend

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The Heritage Classic 2007 wine from Napa WAS $50 per bottle last winter (before the Heritage Classic game) and we are now able to offer it to you for $25 per bottle. It was made by Miner Wines in Napa Valley, California and has the logo of the Heritage Classic hockey game as a label (it was approved by the NHL).

The wine is excellent, great vintage, great producer in California but the winery could not sell what they expected so they have to choices....either the wine gets re-labelled and sold at a premium based on its quality and pedigree OR the winery passes on the savings on the expense of re-labelling to the consumer.

Heritage Classic 2007 “Stagecoach” Vineyard Red Wine
35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Cabernet Franc, 15% Petite Verdot, 15% Malbec.

Your Price: $ 25 per bottle (offer expires on Saturday Sept, 17).

“Rich in color with beautiful floral aromas on the nose and supple, plumy fruit on the palate. With well- integrated tannins and impressive smoothness on the finish, this red blend is meticulously crafted using fruit from our favorite low-yielding vineyard in Napa Valley.”

20 Months in French Oak, (50% new)