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2003 Domaine du Clos de Tart Clos de Tart Clos de Tart Grand Cru Pinot Noir
1/9/2020 - acheng wrote:
95 points
Well, what else can I say but to acknowledge the oft repeated wisdom of the humbling effect of blind tasting. In this particular case, I even had the advantage of un-blind tasting the bottle before hand because the Somm was concerned that the bottle was incorrect either heat damaged or corked. We thought it was sound and put in the line up of blind tasting grand cru burg against 1970s to 2000s clos lambray and bonne mares.

The group with the exception of one cognoscenti who nailed the wine were completely floored when the favourite wine of the evening was revealed to be this ill reputed vintage of Clos tart. Suffice it to say that this wine was surfeit with grace and harmony emblematic of what a fine old burgundy should be.

I’ll quote from the great wine connoisseur and poet, Li Bai: “your finest steed and your precious jewels. Cough them up and trade them for the finest burgundy! Thus shall we drown our ageless sorrow to the wee hours.”

Alternatively, I can sum it up concisely by my grandfather saying In Chinese that it is “yan jin yu Qi” with the added observation that you should go out and buy more while the price is still right due to the perceived prejudice against this ill fated vintage. Cheers! An easy WOTY!!
  • acheng commented:

    7/22/21, 1:52 PM - To Tom Nichols

    You are absolutely right. Li Bai is one and the same as Li Po or Li Bo. The pre eminent Tang dynasty poet. I took extreme liberty in translating his poem "keep the wine flowing" on the above tasting note that would certainly offend a few scholars.

    As for the 03 Clos de Tart, it will no doubt remain polarizing; thus the benefit of blind tasting. But on that one pre-COVID era night out, it stood out as a star undimmed by the intervening hard times we had to endure and only now slowly recovering from.

    Maybe we should connect next time I have a conference in Houston.


2004 Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé Chambolle-Musigny Pinot Noir
8/5/2007 - acheng wrote:
81 points
Well, my first vogue C-M. This is different from any pinot I have ever had. Smelled like I just walked into a Chinese herbal medicine store. Keeps evolving in the glass. Haw flake without the sugar, clove, earth and I guess forest floor. (I guess this is literally what they mean by terroir) In the mouth, more spice and herbal flavor with a good dose of acidity and backbone. But seriously, I am not sure if it is worth the entrance fee. An interesting and educational wine. Alternatively, you can get the same experience if you just go to Chinatown and ask for this black root that they use for I believe arthritis and take a sniff. The only reason I am giving it a good score is the fact it keeps evolving in the glass and it offers a completely different flavor profile.

On another note, I am getting real worried about some wine descriptors used in fine burgundy by some noted authorities like "asian spice". If this is what they mean, I have some serious wine that I have been saving for the next decade that needs unloading.
  • acheng commented:

    8/9/20, 4:35 AM - I have to eat my words on this one. When blinded tasted this against Vogue Bonne Mare, Musigny, 1er cru, Amoureuse at a local wine tasting group a number of years back, this was the WINNER. Bottle age does matter and I am glad I did not return all my bottles. Have one left and will see how it goes.

2010 Le Vieux Donjon Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend
3/30/2020 - acheng wrote:
90 points
Probably in an awkward phase. Not as focused as nuanced as I thought. Perhaps I just had higher expectation.
  • acheng commented:

    3/31/20, 10:47 AM - Not jammy. Just missing the complexity like the last time or the 09 I had last year.

2014 Domaine Christian Moreau Père et Fils Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos Chardonnay
3/31/2019 - acheng wrote:
  • acheng commented:

    4/18/19, 6:54 AM - At least LCBO took it back!

2003 d'Arenberg Shiraz The Dead Arm McLaren Vale
7/20/2017 - acheng wrote:
92 points
Fabulous cherry, cedar and build to a intense satisfying finish. Better on second day.
  • acheng commented:

    7/30/17, 6:47 PM - To chatters. If I recall correctly, it was decanted for 1/2 hours. My bottle was stored in temperature control cellar since purchase.

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