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2006 Bodega Carmen Grifoll Declara Montsant Tossals Junior Grenache Blend, Grenache
10/10/2014 - woahink wrote:
50 points
Garagiste should be ashamed! Avoid! The Tossals is a TOSSER! I personally picked this up from Garagiste - but by the time I did I was sufficiently scared about what the potential was for it.... many bad reviews here. Tonight I opened my 5/12 bottle of this wine and was again disappointed by an obvious problem! Sad to see that so many have had a bad experience with this wine - but that may have been too harsh shipping for their wine - I don't know be cause my wine has been stored well - this Garagiste Mystery wine is the worst. I have tried to drink this wine 5 times over the corse of years. My last 7 bottles are available for the cost of shipping or free to pick up!
The wine looks Purple colored. It smells like Oak, and Cherry. The body is Medium.
  • woahink commented:

    10/29/14, 6:18 PM - Good idea to return! I need to contact them to see if that is possible with wine I picked up in September of 2011. I'm considering it an omen to start purchasing locally - and luckily for me, I'm near lots of good wine shops and vineyards!

2008 d'Arenberg Shiraz The Stump Jump McLaren Vale
3/27/2010 - TJolley Does not like this wine:
80 points
The first shipment of the Stump jump that I received was exceptional, you can see in my previous notes. I just received another shipment, the bottle now has a 90 point WS sticker on it.

I hate to be the one to call out this wine, but it is in no way the same wine that received the 90 WS rating.

The first shipment needed nearly 3 hours to open up, the new shipment is pop and pour and lacks in complexity.
We tried the first shipment side by side with the new, and it is in NO WAY the same wine what so ever. I still do not understand how something like this could be legal.

Here are my tasting notes on the juice that is currently bottled with a\the 2008 stump jump label with the 90 point sticker on it on it.

Upon opening:
Aromas of herbs asparagus, and raspberry fruit. Rich and mouth filling, the essence of fruit. very flavorless on the palate. No minerality is experianced on the finish with this one what so ever.
Where WS brags about this wines Minerality
Here is my brief tasting note I posted when this vintage first came in: Without the 90PT WS sticker on it.
Upon opening this bottle smells like a vitamin and mineral jar. I cannot stress enough that this wine must sit open in a decanter for at least 2.5 hours before the vitamin aromas, and flavor masking, chalky tannins dissipate.
At around 3 hours after opening, this Shiraz drinks like a $30+ shiraz.
I couldn't figure out how this wine was getting such poor ratings on CT, and now I know why, and feel sorry for those who purchased this expecting something great and never had the opportunity to try the original Stump Jump which received the actual 90 Point rating.

I have tried 7 bottles of the first shipment, and now 5 of the new in the last 8 weeks
This discovery will be a tremendous outrage to the wine community.

---->I have also confirmed from one of my resources that my discovery IS a fact.<----
Here is what you will see in the future:
Soon you will see the 2008 Stump Jump with White screw caps rather than the red screw caps originally on it, at this point this will be the 3rd different wine bottled under the 2008 Stump Jump Label.
  • woahink commented:

    3/28/10, 6:23 PM - Thanks for the "heads-up." Luckily, I still have the older version in my cellar and am enjoying a bottle tonight. Cheers.

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