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2011 Robert Keenan Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 35th Anniversary Napa Valley
10/15/2020 - Moorsie wrote:
Not drinkable, waited to long.
  • Moorsie commented:

    6/5/21, 1:37 PM - I don't recall anything wrong with the cork but as my cellar does not have ideal conditions I generally don't try to return something that goes bad. Wines usually age a little faster given that I don't have a cooling system or anything. That said I thought Keenan would last a bit longer, but '11 wasn't a great year so that could also be a factor. Next time I'll just drink sooner:)

2010 Cantina Sociale Cooperativa Copertino Riserva Negroamaro
4/16/2020 - Moorsie wrote:
88 points
I was very excited to pick this up as I don’t see a lot of this blend, and have always been a fan - as well as a straight Negro Amaro. Opened one, extremely disappointed. Lighter in color that normal for this type, sharp, acidic, no finish. Tried to drink but could not. Opened a second one the same night, same. What was interesting was there was no sign of wine on the cork - and for a 10 year old bottle that struck me as very strange. Started to think they were stored standing up and all were bad. Revisited both bottles the 2nd night - same. Poured the rest of the first one out, then before doing the same with the second one I thought I’d try it through the Vinturi. I normally am pretty careful about using that on older wines, especially if they are not the more expensive bottles. Saved! I thought I had a wasted case but Vinturi made this a very different and much more enjoyable wine. I’m looking forward to revisiting it with the Vinturi and a decanter and post another review...solid 88 for now. Update on April 20th - same. 88. Think it is best to wait a while and see how this develops.
  • Moorsie commented:

    5/28/20, 5:58 PM - Tks. I just tried it again and couldn’t drink it the 2nd night. It is extremely light in color, I was wondering myself if it really was Negroamaro. I’m thinking now that it’s just way past it’s prime.

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