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4/1/2020 - TroubleBruin Likes this wine:
91 points
Still drinking young. Probably best left in the bottle until 2022. But tasty, nonetheless. Bright on the nose with white pepper, vanilla. Light body. Not tannic. Bright acidity and a bit hot on the finish. Sharp at the end, but nice, like sour candy.
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12/24/2019 - TroubleBruin Likes this wine:
90 points
Very good. Fruit forward with well-balanced acid. Bright and medium-light bodied.
10/4/2019 - TroubleBruin wrote:
80 points
It's possible that this wine sat on the shelf for too long. It had a tinge of vinegar, but that got better as it was opened to the air. Overall, not a lot going on. Alcohol, earth, and cigar tobacco on the nose leads me to believe it's more syrah than grenache. Low acid. Not undrinkable, just boring. Let it breathe for at least an hour if you can.
This was not a very good wine. It didn't taste bad, but it really didn't taste like much of anything. The "red" blend, if I had to guess, is predominately Zinfandel, but it's so muted that it's difficult to say. It might be that it's heavy on a non-descript merlot, and so might appeal to palates that enjoy that sort of thing. But for me, I see Paso Robles on a bottle of Red and I expect something more bold than what was here.
4/16/2017 - TroubleBruin Likes this wine:
89 points
Very nice. The value for drinkability is excellent for this wine. True to Oregon Pinot, this wine is fruit forward with good earthy flavors to match. Very smooth.
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4/12/2017 - TroubleBruin Likes this wine:
86 points
Good, drinkable Pinot for the price. It's light-bodied and fruity. The nose is alcohol heavy but bright, and the fruit comes through early with raspberry, black cherry, and a bit of smoke and pepper on the back. Not much earth. No legs on the glass.
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