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8/12/2017 - johnbonds Likes this wine:
91 points
Past its prime even after 2.5 hours of decanting while sipping. It got better but the fruit never really came out. Bottle variation perhaps considering the praise in the other notes. As much as I love Célestins this one didn't shine.
2007 Ridge Lytton Springs Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel Blend, Zinfandel (view label images)
10/30/2016 - johnbonds wrote:
94 points
I remember being impressed with this bottle and buying a case of it about 4 or so years ago. Every single bottle I've opened I have loved. Chocolate and anise on the nose with a smidge of juniper berry. On the palette the utter juiciness of this wine hits you immediately, in a great way. In addition, chocolate, unripe rasberry, spice and more that I can't identify given that I'm about halfway through this bottle solo. Still great 9 years in. 1 bottle left. Very pleased with this purchase with I think I bought for 24.99 a bottle. Enjoy this.
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10/2/2015 - johnbonds wrote:
93 points
Showing very well right now. Has developed additional complexity over the last few years while still maintaining its notes of strawberry, red cherry, and licorice/anise. There were moments I would swear I was smelling some kind of burgundy funk in the glass. Very enjoyable.
9/17/2015 - johnbonds wrote:
88 points
Strawberries dominate the nose. Very hot in the first hour but tapered somewhat afterwards. Meh.
1962 Maison Leroy La Romanée La Romanée Grand Cru Pinot Noir (view label images)
3/18/2014 - johnbonds Likes this wine:
100 points
Tasted at La Paulee in San Francisco in 2014. This was one of the top 3 wines I've ever had in my life. Fully resolved with fruit lingering across the palate. A gorgeous finish. This shockingly got better with a bit of time in the glass. This is the kind of experience that makes one want to thoroughly taste through all wines from this tiny vineyard throughout the years. Exquisite. This is what Burgundy is all about.
8/18/2013 - johnbonds Likes this wine:
99 points
Perhaps the best CdP I've ever had.

The nose was dark cherry with a little wood bark and stone. The barnyard character was present but in just a perfect amount. I was recently in CdP and this brought me right back.

The mouth feel was like drinking candy. Perfectly balanced acidity and fruit. Black cherry was a bit more intense for me.

Enjoyed with the fantastic rib eye at Mozza in Hollywood, CA. I need more of this wine.
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7/19/2013 - johnbonds Likes this wine:
92 points
This will eventually become a nice old Cali cab
6/16/2013 - johnbonds Likes this wine:
96 points
Beautiful ruby red color with no bricking at all which was surprising for a '78. Classic Montelena nose: dark fruit, pencil lead, soft new leather. Tannins were still vibrant and soft and a long finish. I was almost positive that we had a fake bottle at first. Drank alongside a '98 Monfortino and a '73 Rioja with some 9 month old dry aged rib eye at Carne Vino in Las Vegas.
White - Sparkling
4/14/2012 - johnbonds wrote:
93 points
Oxidized and tart on the palette. Still fresh from the disgorgement. Strikes me as having plenty of time remaining.
4/14/2012 - johnbonds wrote:
94 points
Still holding on like a champ. Beautiful clear red color with surprisingly no bricking. Pencil lead & rhubarb with alight hints of smoke and a nice long finish. Great with the rare hangar steak it was consumed alongside.
3/18/2012 - johnbonds wrote:
93 points
Opened up after about an hour. Before that it was unimpressive. Once the fruit showed itself it had strawberries & rhubarb. Oak and tannin are fairly well integrated at this point. Not sure it would benefit from much more aging but I recommend a decant before enjoying.
4/18/2010 - johnbonds wrote:
Popped and poured. The wine was very expressive of a new world style pinot yet not an all out fruit bomb. One of my favorite California pinots. Reminds me of some really good William Selyem or Rochioli single vineyard pinots. I will probably consume the rest of these over the next year or so as I'm not sure this will get much better (but it might).
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