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11/19/2010 - vinobrunello wrote:
89 points
The wine looks Ruby colored.
The legs are Fast.
It smells like and Red Currant.
It tastes like Alcohol/Hot, Cranberry, and Red Currant.
The body is Full.
The wine is textured Coarse.
The wine finishes Medium.
11/6/2010 - vinobrunello wrote:
92 points
The wine looks Garnet colored.
The legs are Slow.
It smells like Cranberry, Blackberry, and Strawberry.
It tastes like Cranberry, and Chocolate.
The body is Medium/Full.
The wine is textured Silky.
The wine finishes Medium.
3/19/2010 - vinobrunello wrote:
93 points
Decanted for 20 min while dining at Monarch. Initial taste was a bit funky. Fruit came through after 30 min. Ironic that the meal was made up of mostly earthy/funky style food. Didn't take long to drink the bottle between my wife and me.
It smells like and Mushroom.
It tastes like and Forest floor.
The body is Medium/Full.
1/14/2010 - vinobrunello wrote:
88 points
Nice surprise when we went to visit Seattle. My wife and I always enjoy O&S. Ulysses doesn't disappoint.
11/27/2009 - vinobrunello wrote:
85 points
Drank on Thanksgiving after dinner. We cooked a turkey on the grill. When I drank this bottle later in the eveing, I thought I still smelled the smoke from the grill. After washing my hands for the second time, I drank the wine realizing the smoke smell was coming from the wine. After I told my wife about the smoke smell, she picked up aromas of bacon. Fruit was there but the gill (bacon) aroma was too strong for me.
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