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  1. Pricing & Auction Data

  2. Wine Market Journal /

    Paying CellarTracker users can see quarterly auction prices. (FAQ)
    Subscriptions to view richer data on the WMJ site are also available directly from the WMJ for a nominal fee.

    The Wine Market Journal is the collector's and auction house's choice for the most comprehensive and up-to-date listing of wine auction trades. Spanning back to 1997, they track and compile every solid-lot trade from all major European and U.S. houses. The WMJ offers wine professionals and enthusiasts an unparalled opportunity to track short-term and long-term performance trends for all wines and vintages.

  1. Subscription Wine Reviews (these require a separate signup/subscription on their respective sites)

  2. Antonio Galloni's Vinous /

    Co-subscribers can see reviews and scores in their cellar. (FAQ)

    At the intersection of wine, media and technology, Vinous is a seamless, continually streamed platform that represents a vision of modern-day independent wine criticism. Renowned critics Antonio Galloni, Stephen Tanzer, Joshua Raynolds, Ian D'Agata and Joel Payne provide insightful reviews of new releases from the world's leading wine regions, vertical tastings and retrospectives, interactive maps, video shot on location and other features.

  3. Jancis Robinson's Purple Pages /

    Co-subscribers can see reviews and scores in their cellar. (FAQ)

    Jancis Robinson is an internationally known and highly respected independent wine writer. She writes daily on her site, weekly for The Financial Times, and bi-monthly for a column syndicated worldwide. She is editor of The Oxford Companion to Wine and co-author with Hugh Johnson of The World Atlas of Wine. In 1984 she was the first person outside the wine trade to pass the rigorous Master of Wine exams, and in 2003 she was personally awarded an OBE by Her Majesty the Queen. See the long version for more detail.

  4. Allen Meadows' /

    Co-subscribers can see reviews and scores in their cellar. (FAQ) is a highly respected and critically acclaimed quarterly publication founded by Allen Meadows that reaches subscribers in more than 50 countries and nearly all 50 states. It was the first site of its kind to offer specialized exhaustive coverage of a specific wine region. Now in it's 10th year and with expanded coverage of US Pinot Noir and bi-annual Champagne reviews. Subscribers have access to a fully searchable database of more than 50,000 of Meadows' personal tasting notes with recommended drinking windows for present day vintages all the way back to 1845.

  5. James Halliday's Australian Wine Companion /

    Co-subscribers can see reviews and scores in their cellar. (FAQ)

    James Halliday's Australian Wine Companion is the definitive guide to Australian wine. With over 61,000 tasting notes, 2,500 winery reviews and a wealth of great content, it's the essential site for enthusiasts of Australian wine. Now, if you become a member of the Wine Companion website, you'll also be able to view James' tasting notes in your CellarTracker account. Please visit to sign-up today and start discovering the world of great Australian wine.

  6. John Gilman's View From The Cellar /

    Co-subscribers can see reviews and scores in their cellar. (FAQ)

    John Gilman publishes View From the Cellar, a bi-monthly subscription newsletter delivering critical and historical commentary on the world's great classic wines. Each issue is over 100 pages in length, and focuses on the finest traditional wine producers of the world, with content split equally between reviews of new vintages and vertical and historical reports on older vintages. John has published more than 10,000 reviews with heavy emphasis on Burgundy, the Loire, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Germany.

  7. Gregory S. Walter's PinotReport /

    Co-subscribers can see reviews and scores in their cellar. (FAQ)

    Gregory S. Walter writes the PinotReport, for people passionate about Western Pinot Noir. Greg has a long and storied history of writing about wine. PinotReport is more than just another wine-review newsletter. Greg's fascination with great Pinot Noir is as much about the people involved in making the wine, the wine regions and the foods that match well at the table—in short, the lifestyle surrounding the wines.

  8. Roy Hersh's For The Love of Port /

    Co-subscribers can see reviews and scores in their cellar. (FAQ)

    Roy Hersh's For The Love of Port is one of the world's definitive sources of information on Port, Madeira and other Portuguese wines with over 1,750 reviews. Roy is one of the leading Port wine authorities and journalists in the US, and in 2003 he was one of just two Americans selected by the Port and Douro Wine Institute (IVDP) to be knighted into their "Confraria" (brotherhood). To honor his oath to the Confraria, Roy began writing a monthly newsletter in February 2004 and launched in 2005.

  9. Jeb Dunnuck's The Rhone Report /

    Co-subscribers can see reviews and scores in their cellar. (FAQ)

    Jeb Dunnuck's The Rhone Report is a quarterly newsletter delivering in depth coverage of Rhône variety wines from around the globe. In addition to his coverage of the Rhône Valley and Southern France, Jeb also covers producers of Rhône varieties from California, Washington State, Australia and Spain. With over 2,300 published notes, Jeb is dedicated to providing comprehensive, reliable and timely wine reviews that allow consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. He spends a large portion of his time visiting and tasting on site with the producers, is completely independent and has no ties to the wine industry.

  10. Brad Baker's Champagne Warrior /

    Co-subscribers can see reviews and scores in their cellar. (FAQ)

    Brad Baker is The Champagne Warrior, and his goal with his newsletter (launched Jan-2009) is simple: To provide wine lovers with reliable, accurate, and descriptive details that will enable an informed purchasing decision on Champagne and sparkling wine. Brad has dedicated himself to learning and discovering as much as he possibly can about the people, land, culture, and wines of Champagne and other sparkling wine regions around the world.

  11. Peter Liem's /

    Co-subscribers can see reviews and scores in their cellar. (FAQ)

    Peter Liem's is one of the web's most comprehensive guides to the wines and wine producers of Champagne. This online guide features profiles of over 100 champagne producers, from renowned négociant houses to small grower estates. Peter is a professional wine critic living in the Champagne region of France. He enjoys an unusual and intimate perspective on the region and its wines, allowing him to bring you an informative, highly detailed and continually updated wine guide written from an insider's point of view.

  12. International Wine Review /

    Co-subscribers can see reviews and scores in their cellar. (FAQ)

    Published by Mike Potashnik and Donald Winkler, The International Wine Review is your link to in-depth and analytical reports on important wine regions of the world and expert wine reviews and ratings of new wines on the market. The i-WineReview is published online and in print on a bimonthly basis exclusively for subscribers. Subscribers also receive regular tasting reports of top new wine selections, access to all previously published reports, a search of the tasting notes and ratings archive of more than 7,500 wines and more.

  1. Free Wine Reviews (these are all free but some require a one-time signup)

  2. The World of Fine Wine /

    All CellarTracker users may turn on free access to reviews. Click for more information and to subscribe.

    The World of Fine Wine is a gorgeous, quarterly publication that is taking the wine world by storm. Highly authoritative and independent, with a great cast of international writers including Jancis Robinson MW, David Schildknecht, Hugh Johnson, Andrew Jefford, Michel Bettane, Mike Steinberger and Terry Theise. Wine reviews comprise a tiny subset of the content featured in the actual magazine.

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  4. Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library TV /

    Wine Library TV is an exciting development in the world of wine. Like CellarTracker, Gary is a firm believer in the power of community and the Internet. Even though Gary formerly had a competing product, I can't help but admire and support his great work and passion. Gary has reviewed approximately 2,000 diverse wines with 33% of those from California. Special thanks to SS Chris Stanisci who has compiled the reviews.

    Disclosure: Gary is a wine retailer at Wine Library.

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  6. John Kapon's Vintage Tastings /

    John Kapon's Vintage Tastings are bound to make you just a bit jealous...
    John oversees the auctions for New York's Acker, Merrall, & Condit, America's oldest wine shop, dating back to 1820. He also pens "Vintage Tastings," an excellent newsletter that reviews old, prestigious wines. John has published more than 3,000 reviews with more than 90% covering French wines. The bulk of those cover Bordeaux and Burgundy with a significant number of Champagne and Rhône reviews. Feel free to email him to be added to his list.

    Disclosure: John is in the wine retail and auction business.

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  8. Terry Theise Estate Selections /

    Terry Theise works for Michael Skurnik Wines, a leading US importer. Terry has achieved a loyal following not only for his wine selections from Austria, Germany and Champagne, but also for his passionately written annual catalogs. Terry's manifesto says it all:

    Beauty is more important than impact. Harmony is more important than intensity. The whole of any wine must always be more than the sum of its parts. Distinctiveness is more important than conventional prettiness. Soul is more important than anything, and soul is expressed as a trinity of family, soil, and artisanality.

    Disclosure: Terry Theise imports the wines that he describes.

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  10. Jon Rimmerman's Garagiste /

    Jon Rimmerman's Garagiste is a 100% independent, pro-consumer purveyor of wine, food, wisdom, and esoteric tidbits of travel and culture with an international following bred from respect and trust for our frank and open discourse on topics many would rather brush under the rug. They are not very popular with other wine retailers or those in the trade but are extremely popular with consumers.

    Disclosure: Garagiste is a retailer. The offers that appear here are for the benefit of customers who have already obtained the wines.

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  12. Chris Kissack's Winedoctor /

    Chris Kissack's Winedoctor is an amazingly thorough and thoughtful site that is loaded with thousands of reviews, producer profiles and regional wine guides. Without doubt his focus is on the Loire and Bordeaux, two regions to which he regularly travels to taste. He also reviews wines from far and wide, from Luxembourg to the Languedoc, from Spain to Slovenia. Chris has more than 8,000 reviews online, including his notes from the latest Bordeaux primeur tastings and all the top Loire releases.

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  14. Mosel Fine Wines /

    Co-subscribers can see reviews and scores in their cellar. (FAQ)

    Mosel Fine Wines is an independent wine publication dedicated to Mosel Riesling. It is subscription-only but is currently free of charge. It covers current vintages (including the annual auctions held in Trier), updates on how Mosel wines are maturing as well as perspectives on specific topics, such as vineyards, estates and vintages. Mosel Fine wines is run by two wine lovers, Jean Fisch and David Rayer, who share an admiration of both young and mature German Riesling. Both of them live close to the Mosel region and are often on the ground visiting estates and vineyards.

  15. Bill Nanson's Burgundy-Report /

    Bill Nanson's Burgundy-Report is a fantastic source of information on Burgundy wines and estates. Included here are more than 2,600 of his notes on "in bottle" Burgundy wines. In his words, Bill has a 'real' job, and Burgundy-Report is pure escapism. Started in 2003, he has the pleasure of tasting with the producers and then drinking those bottles with friends and family. He has no wine-trade connections, so Burgundy-Report is completely independent!

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  17. Sean Sullivan's Washington Wine Report /

    Sean Sullivan's Washington Wine Report is an independent blog focused on bringing Washington wine to you and bringing you to Washington wine. His goal is to help you select Washington wines at a variety of price levels; to keep you up-to-date about the state’s wineries, vineyards, and individuals; to help you plan trips to wine country; and to connect you to the larger wine community.

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  19. Richard Jennings /

    Richard Jennings is a prolific wine writer and wine critic. He writes regularly for Huffington Post, his blog, and for Snooth’s Monthly Buyer’s Guide and other publications. Richard was included on both the 2012 and 2013 lists of Top 100 Most Influential People in the U.S. Wine Industry. He tastes on average about 7,000 wines a year, from all over the world. He has over 30,000 tasting notes available on

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  21. Lyle Fass' Rockss and Fruit /

    Lyle Fass' Rockss and Fruit is a gorgeously written blog and set of wine reviews from a hardcore, anti-establishment purist. His self-proclaimed "daily report of the wine wars from the front lines" takes a no-holds barred approach representing the forces of good (natural, unique wines showing terroir) vs. the forces of evil (spoofulated, high alcohol boring wines that all taste the same). Lyle has 2,300 reviews with nearly 95% focusing on France, Germany and Italy. Burgundy and Mosel Saar Ruwer are the two most signficant areas of coverage.

    Disclosure: Lyle works in the wine retail business.

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  23. Sommelier Journal /

    Sommelier Journal presents the wonderfully complex world of wine in a lively format for both professionals and enophiles to enjoy. In every issue, the best writers in the industry help newcomers and veterans alike explore new wines and new ways of succeeding in the restaurant wine business, as well as keep current with the latest consumer, restaurant, and wine trends and news. It is the essential guide for any wine professional. Tasting notes of recommended wines from the regions and wineries covered are included in each issue.

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  25. New York Cork Report /

    Lenn Thompson is the Publisher and Editor of New York Cork Report, a publication focused on New York Vines, Wines and Dines. Lenn, a proud Pittsburgh, PA native, moved to Long Island nearly a decade ago and promptly fell in love with the region's dynamic and emerging wine industry. An Internet marketing guru by profession, he founded New York Cork Report (formerly in early 2004 to share his passion for the wines of New York with his friends, family and readers. It has since grown into the premier source for New York wine commentary, tasting notes and news.

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  1. Applications & Social Media

  2. Twitter /

    Twitter users can tweet to announce the wines you are buying, drinking and tasting. (FAQ)

    Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

  3. Facebook /

    Facebook users can post status updates on the wines you are buying, drinking and tasting. (FAQ)

    Facebook is the world's largest social network with more than 500 million users. You can publish tasting notes and status updates to your profile for your friends to see.