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  • 2012 Denner Sacred Burro

    Carig-what? Carignan my friends. Popped & poured. In the glass its dark magenta has a transparency that shimmers as it's poured. The nose! The nose belies its freshness. Reminds me of walking through the forest after it rains - it's clean but heavy with a smell of wet wood. Then SURPRISE! Ha! You thought it would be thicker, heavier, but no! Young, bright and dances on your palate with a sharp structure that is oh-so wonderful as it hits the front and then zips towards the middle where the tannins say "Hello!", and then to the back of your palate where it lingers for a bit. Stems up!

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  • 2008 Fratelli Perata Sangiovese

    Wow! Finally held onto a Sangiovese long enough to see how tasty & smooth they can be. In the glass it's a darker red, almost brick. The acidity is still there, but tempered, and I'm getting more ripe fruit on the back of my palate. I like how it changes as it moves from mid-palate to the back.

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  • 2012 Linne Calodo Outsider

    Want zin? Fruit forward, juicy, peppery goodness? Starts off smooooth in the front, pick ups jammy, ripe, dark fruit in the middle palate, and then surprise! Decides it's much more complex than you first give it credit for by surprising you with a nice backbone of acidity and structure. And did I mention a nice long finish to top it all off? Yeah, that too.

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  • pocchia says:

    8/27/2010 10:03:00 PM - Trying to figure out which wine clubs to keep and which to cancel - what a conundrum! We've tried to expand our clubs to maximize a variety of styles. Problem is, there are just so many damn good wines!