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  • 2010 Concha y Toro Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva Serie Riberas Palo Santo

    For the money a steal! Lovely lovely lovely, I'm going to try to get more. Tesco getting rid of the rest of their stocks. I think made in a new world fruit forward style, but with a lot of tannins, and off the go HUUGE and green bitter tannins, but with good soft dark red and blue fruits and some blackcurrant on the palate. Big, fruity, a little too much tannin (think it's more skins than wood), but pretty decent!
    Softens with time, and an hour in the tannins are still big but more manageable (And I don't like huge young tannins). I think this will age, even though it's not really an ageing style, as it has enough acidity (guess pH3.6-7) to hold for a bit and let it integrate more and get some secondaries. .
    Drink now with decanting, or hold.

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  • 2007 M. Chapoutier Gigondas

    Drink without decanting. This is at the end of its life, but the good bottles are still drinking well out of the bottle.
    The nose still shows a divine dustiness, with some of the fruits also showing through. if it drank as it smells It'd get a 94.

    Out of the bottle the palate is tightly acidic, which good red fruits. Big bodied wine, and kept up with the tagine I'd made.

    Not a great wine in depth and complexity, but still shows that it has good fruit and decent character. Second day the tannins come out as sharp black and bitter, which isn't so good, and the fruits are just rowdily hanging around, rather than playing together in a well-mannered group. nonetheless, it's obviously a quality wine which just isn't quite working now. I'm not sure that these are made to last, so I'd drink up instead.

    Drink up, and within the hour after opening.

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  • 2007 M. Chapoutier Gigondas

    Highly disappointing. I wonder if it's past its best. Better out of the bottle with no decanting. Keeps its glorious dusty nose, and has some good zing, but it fades after a couple of hours and ends up just big and floppy big red fruits.
    Second day the tannins come out, but no finesse. Definitely has uality, but it doesn't hang together now.

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  • richardhod says:

    9/2/2013 4:42:00 PM - Thank you all! wish I could thread responses individually on here but hello and welcome :)

  • MSheridan says:

    9/2/2013 12:01:00 AM - Hi Richard, I've posted a reply to your CYT series Riberas Cabernet comment. Hope that helps, will try and have another crack at another bottle over the next few weeks to confirm my initial tasting note. Cheers Mike

  • Blauweiss says:

    6/30/2013 10:52:00 PM - Regarding Corison vertikal, visited the vinery two weeks ago and did a library tasting, great show! The Kronos wines were truly amasing, but also the Corison-05. The wines from the coldest years were the most Bordeaux-like, the others more like classic Napa, but with great balance. Since I am a bordeaux-fan, but also like Napa, I tend to appreciate the more lean styles from this area rather than overloaded frutibombs. I suppose all the wines could be enjoyed now. If I had any younger wines from Corison, i´d give them at least 6-7 years, with an additional decade as an option. The wines we tried had been properly decanted before tasting, and I suppose they need air. Living in Sweden I did not have the possibility to purchase any wines, but found out, to my great surprise, that the Swedish monopoly actually had some bottles from Corison, cheaper than in the USA!

  • richardhod says:

    6/28/2013 5:54:00 PM - What fine note and advice. I can't really know what to say but Thank you hugely. I tried to repost here your wonderful advice from our conversation on the 2003 Château Calon-Ségur tasting note by BLEWIS1041 but it seems it won't post here (size?) and cellartracker's error handling is iffy. So, thank you hugely, and here's a link to it to remember.

  • Champagneinhand says:

    6/25/2013 12:18:00 PM - We had a whole host of 2003 Bdx last night. Many were very good, and I think almost all could easily get better over the next 5-10 years. They certainly aren't peaking, and taste very good for such a hot vintage. The one RB Chateau Valandraud from St. Emolion showed best as RB vdx develop a bit quicker, but the wines from St Estephe, seemed like they needed much more time in the cellar to be at their best, but very enjoyable fruit and integrated tannins and oak. Medium pleasant sweet tannins on the finish. The wines from Margaux had great noses, but were still a bit short on the palate, room for growth, Pauillac drinking quite nice right now, but in no hurry to fade away. A very fun night in Toronto with a wine spectator group, that gave me an invite. While we were having our wine an dinner, a guy came over to our table, and it turned out he was a writer for decanter, and had just done a Burgundy tasting, but wanted to see what we were drinking. He was very nice. Kind of weird to see a Decanter guy from London in Toronto. A very fun night.

  • johneagle says:

    1/6/2013 2:07:00 AM - No corked Warres 83 here so far but I think it was a faulty cork that made the last bottle I opened less good than others. I still have a few bottles left so hopefull the next one will be back to normal!