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  • 2013 Robert Mondavi Winery Fumé Blanc Reserve To-Kalon Vineyard

    Someone said of the '12 that it is one of California's best - but I can't remember now whether they said best sauvi or best fume - and Lord knows there is difference. The crispsauvi camp IMHO is led by Spotteswoode and Duckhorn while the fume crowd might be led by Mondavi. The fruit is unquestionably ripe and just a few drops on your tongue will make your palate run over. I am not a historic fan of much, if any, oak on sauvi and I have excorciated some Bordelais for their oaky prediliction. Wine should be kissed by oak - never beaten. When I drink wine I want fruit, not to suck a baseball bat...so any fume cannot be wooden for me, maybe present but certainly not dominant. Vibrant color, alluring nose, exhilarating fruit and great length, pretty much the whole package.

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  • 2005 Sea Smoke Pinot Noir Southing

    Surprisingly dark color and a wildly exotic nose, plush, plummy as well in color and flavor. Condensed ripe richness builds off a soft almost fruity attack; the wine is full and seamless, with a core of essential Pinot character - velvet berries sums it up.

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  • 2011 Tabalí Sauvignon Blanc Reserva Especial

    I was strongly impressed by this wine, I was astounded, I have never encountered acidity (or perfect ripeness) quite like this. After the tasting I asked the winemaker whether this had been acidified (emphatically not, incredulous at the numbers ( a ph near 3 he sent them back for a second test!) and the moderator regretted I hadn't asked during the tasting. I have tasted over 35 years MANY white bdx. Sancerre & Pouilly, NZ CA SA and beyond and this I have to say is the most powerful, purest, strongest expression of the grape I have ever encountered. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING WINE. It convinced me, along with several others, that Chile is very much the future of wine, in terms of quality, in terms of value, in terms of terroir and diversity. RJ's assessment too conservative.

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