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2013 Urla Şarapçılık Tempus Ege Bölgesi Red Blend
12/26/2015 - Sino Likes this wine:
89 points
Etle guzel
  • Winemoments commented:

    12/26/15, 7:57 AM - mezeyle de güzel

2013 4 Kilos Vi de La Tierra Mallorca 4 Kilos Callet
9/13/2015 - PSPatrick wrote:
90 points
The wine was medium ruby in colour. It had a complex and layered nose that kept developing new aromas as time passed, including mixed berries (mainly red), fresh herbs, chocolate, vanilla, liquorice and iodine as well as hints of flowers, bacon, smoke, earth. On the palate the wine showed mixed berries, fresh herbs, coffee, some chocolate and some liquorice, with fresh, medium-level acidity, smooth, fine, medium-level tannin, a creamy mouthfeel and superb length. The medium-bodied, berries + herbs-driven wine was incredible balanced, felt seamless on the palate and drank very well. A lovely wine! Another step up from earlier vintages. I liked it a lot! 90+
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    9/17/15, 1:41 PM - Love this wine, love the producer ;)

  • Winemoments commented:

    9/18/15, 12:25 PM - Hi Patrick, great insight, thanks. Would be amazing to try their latest vintage in the winery during harvest time. Those guys seem to be having lots of fun. 90% Callet is pretty ambitious and seems to be working out pretty right on this terroir. Cheers!

2002 Château Mondorion St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend
5/19/2015 - John Nezlek wrote:
88 points
Nice bottle of Bordeaux. Decanted for a short time before drinking -- and I think this helped. As noted by winolee, some re cherry type flavors and a bit on the acid side, although there was some fruit lying behind/underneath the acidity. I have two more, and I am not certain exactly what to do with them in turns of when to drink, how long to decant, and so forth. No rush to drink, but I don't think the wine will improve much with age.
  • Winemoments commented:

    6/27/15, 2:40 AM - Hi John, I've posted my recommendations for Turkish wines at my account's message board. I was not sure if you've received a message for that, so I wanted to double-check. I can also send more information over e-mail (

2011 Sevilen Chardonnay Plato Güney Platosu Ege Bölgesi
10/29/2013 - chatters wrote:
A modern Turkish Feast with Greg Malouf (Efendy Restaurant, Balmain, Sydney): citric lemony notes over very slight stone fruit. Cream with slight herbs. Very clean. On the palate there is tart lemon, slight cedar notes and a touch of astringency with a little tongue coating phenolic grip. Hmm.
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    12/29/13, 8:36 AM - Hi, Great that you've had the chance to taste this wine. I wonder where on earth did you possess this wine from, considering that very few Turkish wines would be able to make it to the Australian market. Cheers

2002 Chateau Musar Bekaa Valley Red Blend
11/2/2013 - shallIshantI wrote:
Another vertical tasting 18 months from the last one.

1999 - we thought this was at its peak last year. It is still going strong. As night went on, it became sweet and honeyed. There is plenty of punch. Apparently that is supposed to be the characteristic of Musars. Instead of peaking and then declining, they stay at that peak for years. Score 93
2000 - Rich nose. Slightly lighter on the palate. More wood. Score 91
2001 - favourite for 2 of the guests. Lovely fruit. Still lots of body for a 12yr old wine. Score 92
2002 - again that spritz and bite. Phenolic - even on the cork. What is it with the '02. Least favourite of the lot
2003 - Lots of blackcurrants but lighter compared with the others. Score 91
2004 - Wow. Medicinal lozenges. Think Vicks vapour rub. This will age very well. Score 92
2005 - noticeably more purple at the edges. Still has youth. Again medicinal but good clean fruit. Yummy. This has certainly matured in the last 18 months and drinking well now. Interesting how it has changed in that time. Score 91

We had beef in ale as the main course and then Gruyere de Compte (another vertical of 18, 21 ans 24 months) for the cheese course. The Musars went perfectly. All bottles opened 9 hours before starting the meal.
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    11/3/13, 3:47 AM - It'a pity that I only have 2002, never had the chance to taste 99 or 2000. Will try to get hold to those best vintages.

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    11/9/13, 9:18 PM - Thank you for your recommendations and useful info. Have a nice Sunday. Cheers

2008 Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe Châteauneuf-du-Pape La Crau Red Rhone Blend
9/15/2013 - wineaux2 wrote:
89 points
This one was really filled out since my first try about 20 months earlier. Opened with a big nose of lavender, garrigue, cherry lozenges and plums that carried through to the palate. Spiced and stewed plums were dominant on day 2. The acidity was very present throughout. Seemed to be in a good place with a lot of life left; hope to keep my hands off my last bottle until 2018+.
  • Winemoments commented:

    9/16/13, 12:42 PM - Sounds promising. Thanks for the detailed info

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