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11/26/2019 - cpeddy wrote:
It needed about 2 hours to open. Settled down. Still fruit forward for me.
10/7/2015 - cpeddy Likes this wine:
92 points
First blush after opening was a fruit bomb. After opened 4 hours was smooth but still highly tannic. Will need a few more years, but there are flavors under the tannins that should take their place. Heavy for Sonoma Cab.
10/7/2015 - cpeddy Does not like this wine:
88 points
Agree with Tanzer - Musty flavors and acidic finish. Shows just a bit of promise at times.
4/8/2015 - cpeddy wrote:
Pruney. Not good.
12/29/2014 - cpeddy wrote:
94 points
Very Good after 2 hours.
2007 Abreu Thorevilos Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
12/29/2014 - cpeddy Likes this wine:
98 points
This was truly outstanding like almost no wine I have had before. Shame to have had only one of the 2007's. Need to source some more. Muy Caro!
2008 Col Solare Columbia Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
5/19/2014 - cpeddy wrote:
94 points
Decanted for 2 hours then drank. by hour 4 of decanting it was very special. changed it's character from the fruit forward to smooth and rich.
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5/18/2014 - cpeddy Likes this wine:
94 points
Decanted 3 hours. Powerful with subtle sweetness. Perfect balance.
2/25/2014 - cpeddy Likes this wine:
91 points
Opened fruity and somewhat light. By night 2 after opening it had turned inky, peppery and much more nuanced. Much more character and enjoyment. Unbelievable amount of fibers and sludge in the bottom. Going to dry it and smoke it on the next bottle.
2/23/2012 - cpeddy wrote:
Disappointing Chard. Bad year?
2/8/2012 - cpeddy wrote:
The Eddy was drinking nicely right out of the bottle. Decanted over about 3 hours. Medium-bodied with a slight amount of fruit. Pleasant tasting. Drink now.
2/2/2012 - cpeddy wrote:
This wine drank nicely even though it was way past it's time. I think it was an excellent Pinot in it's time. I could taste the age but as it opened it got better. Exhilarating to me to taste an older wine and be able to taste the age in it while enjoying its original character.
1/29/2012 - cpeddy wrote:
Drank very well right out of the bottle. A bit fruity but overall a pleasant taste. Great medium-bodied value. I'll add more of these based on how the last 2007 bottle goes down.
1/27/2012 - cpeddy wrote:
Took to Restuarant. Not as special As I had thought. Thin and a bit acidic. disappointed
1/27/2012 - cpeddy wrote:
Bought this years ago retail before I knew better. I'm drinking up the old one-off bottles in my room as they reach (or go well beyond) the age where they won't last. Not my favorite thing but just my weird thing I have to do. Just opened the bottle and decanted. Seems fruity and not exactly my taste. We will see how it drinks as it opens and what happens in 24 hours. Not a high expectation. At least it seems to have survived storage through several hurricanes!
1/20/2012 - cpeddy wrote:
Some bottles have a heavy alcohol aroma and have a more acrid taste throughout. Other bottles begin heavy and mellow to an outstanding aroma and taste over a couple of days. Decant next bootle to see what happens.
2005 Col Solare Columbia Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
1/19/2012 - cpeddy wrote:
The Col is always outsxtanding! Lots of sediment. Decant next time.
1/21/2012 - cpeddy wrote:
Not great (light, thin, non-descrpit) when first opened on the 19th of Jan. Stored 3/4 of the bottle with "wine life" and pumped until the 21st. Drank with Asian cuisine on the 21st. Noted to be remarkably better by myself and other drinkers noted that it was "Very Good" Maybe the cuisine made the difference.
White - Sparkling
1/18/2012 - cpeddy wrote:
89 points
This has got to be the best bubbly you can get for $10. Shamed the more expensive PJ Grand Brut N.V. side by side at Christmas.
9/18/2011 - cpeddy wrote:
80 points
Bitter tasting and acidic. Maybe a lot of time open would make it drinkable, maybe.
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