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8/18/2013 - jamjo wrote:
92 points
We decided to take a side trip to the Abruzzo and and found this agriturismo vineyard. After driving through the mountains on gravel roads we found San Zopito tucked away in the hills overlooking a vast expanse as the setting sun was kissing the horizon. After we settled in and bought a bottle of wine from the owner we sat with her and talked about her wine and olive oil in cave man Italian and her few words of English. We bought four more bottles. This was the last one. The earthy dark fruit in the nose carried harmoniously through the palette. This wine is a true representation of a people and place.
5/12/2012 - jamjo wrote:
91 points
James Brown in a bottle with P Funk dropping the back beat. Sensational.
3/11/2012 - jamjo wrote:
91 points
Gala apple with essence of pear finishing with a refreshing lemon note. Acidic structure is beautifully integrated and a rich viscosity coats the palate creating a lingering finish.
11/19/2011 - jamjo wrote:
Way too young. Tannins are dominant and fruit is buried. Had the 08 Merlot last week and was sensational. Let this big boy take a nap. Day two. Oh what a difference a day makes. Tannins softened, blue fruit coming forward, rustic back notes. Deep Bordeaux nose. This beast has huge potential to become very complex yet with a velvety finish. Be patient my friends.
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2008 Quivira Elusive Dry Creek Valley Red Rhone Blend (view label images)
10/21/2011 - jamjo wrote:
91 points
Clearly a new world rustic Rhone. Deep dark fruit, velvety tannins and rich earthy dark notes. Pleasure zone.
10/9/2011 - jamjo wrote:
92 points
92 points. Sensational, complex, old world harmoniously integrates with new world. Fresh picked blueberries nestled on a bed of loom wrapped in fine Cabretta leather with an essence of lavender. And my wife says 95 and picked up a bit of Gala apple. Glad we joined the club.
9/6/2010 - jamjo wrote:
88 points
Pop and pour. Nose-strawberry/ raspberry in a bowl of crushed rock layered with assorted soft floral notes drizzled with late hints of clover honey.
Palate- upfront> black cherry infused with limestone - mid> tar and hints of grass- finish>tart bowl of loom topped with dark fruit.
Silky tannins and refined acidic notes.
After two hours silky, creamy, lush dark fruit and black licorice in the mid palate.
2001 David Coffaro Terre Melange Dry Creek Valley Red Rhone Blend (view label images)
8/20/2010 - jamjo wrote:
91 points
Pop and pour decanted- Nose -Someone stuck a giant stinky foot in my glass with decomposed leaves and loom stuck in the toes.
Taste- Barnyard , live stock, dried cherry, blackberry and mushroom
After about 1/2 hour the giant stinky feet evolved into truffles and a menagerie of Old World dry fruit, figs and rolling around in the woods during the late fall on a crispy sunny afternoon. This was a surprise, delight and pure pleasure.
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