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5/22/2009 - tommythecat wrote:
Excellent wine. Sour cherries on the nose and palate. A little spiciness and vibrant acidity.
3/29/2009 - tommythecat wrote:
Pop 'n' poured it and it has been delicious through the 2 glasses I had. After about 15 minutes it was giving a little bit of rotten vegetable on the nose, but it went away quickly and never came through on the palate. A little bit of alcohol heat in the beginning but it was gone quickly. Red fruit and oak on the nose, and the same on the palate. Spicy and smoky on the finish.
2/10/2009 - tommythecat wrote:
Did not like the nose on this wine. Just seemed kind of funky to me, but not like a corked wine or something of that nature. Other than that it wasn't bad. A bit of sour cherry on the front palate, but weak in the mid and finish. I don't have much experience with rosé's and probably won't seek this wine out again. I am glad I got to try it out though.
2/10/2009 - tommythecat wrote:
For the price I paid for the wine it wasn't bad. $20.99 marked down to $9.49. Fruit forward, not much on the nose, a little bit of cherry and a hint of blueberry on the palate, easy to drink.
7/3/2008 - tommythecat wrote:
berries and caramel and chocolate on the nose...sour cherry on the front palate...dark berries mid palate, with a medium finish...little to no alcohol heat on the nose and the finish
6/8/2008 - tommythecat wrote:
Decanted for 2 hours the night before a tasting. Dark berries on the nose, along with a little spice. On the palate there were some blackberries, raspberries, and a hint of blueberry. Not too heavy on the tannins and it was very smooth front to back.
6/3/2008 - tommythecat wrote:
This is only my third bottle of wine for serious tasting/drinking, and my first syrah. Overall impression of the wine was very good. Color was deep red/purple. I decanted for about a 1/2 hour before taking a sniff and sip. The first sniff brought berries and chocolate. The first sip was very smooth on the front, fruity on the mid, and very "warm" on the finish. Not hot like the two cabs I have had, just a little warm. Also not as tannic as the two cabs. Let it sit for another hour and it opened up considerably. This was a very velvety wine. The chocolate really showed through and the berries (dark currant, blackberry, and blueberry mostly) were much more pronounced. The finish lengthened a bit, but I wouldn't call it long. There was a hint of oakiness in there, but not very strong. All said and done it was quite an enjoyavble wine.
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