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  • 2022 VHR Cabernet Sauvignon Vine Hill Ranch

    Tasted at VHR - Received a fair amount of air, but I didn't note the length of the decant.

    Bruce was kind enough to provide us with a sneak preview of the 2022 vintage. Although this was a barrel sample and not a completed product, it nevertheless gives an insight to what's to come! Needless to say, the wine was fantastic! Of course, just a barrel sample, and extremely fruit forward, but comes across as having great structure. Dark red fruit takes center stage and the purity of fruit is excellent. Shows enough tannins for aging and enough acidity to keep the fruit lively for a very long time. This sample would require a fair amount of bottle age to realize its true potential.

    My best guess based on this tasting, and the 2022 barrel samples of other winery tastings, is that the 2022 vintage will mirror 2011, i.e., you will need to be choosy on the wines you select as some will be stellar and others not so good. I also suspect the 2022 VHR will be one of the wines of the vintage. Bruce and his team do a remarkable job every year of making the best possible wine from all the blocks at his disposal. The magic of VHR wines is not that they consistently taste the same, but rather that they consistently are great wines. While Bruce and Heather could make wines with consistent flavors, instead they focus on making wines with subtle inconsistencies in flavor, but the very best wines the vineyard can produce. The result is that the wines may vary from year to year (as evidenced by the blocks chosen that go into the wine of a particular vintage), but the quality of the wines remain consistently outstanding! This will be one of those 2022 wines worth seeking out!

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  • 2021 Vice Versa Cabernet Sauvignon The Magnificent Seven

    Tasted with Samantha - I believe all wines received about a 6 hour decant.

    Mag 7 never disappoints. Although it is getting rather pricey, it remains one of the elite, premium wines, and for good reason! It is made from the best barrels of fruit from all the vineyards. The 2021 Mag 7 shows loads of dark and red fruit, cocoa bean, anise, coffee and forest floor, with some spice and sweet oak. As always, a luxurious mouthfeel. Super delicious and 97 now, but will get better with time when tertiary flavors add to its complexity and taste.

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  • 2021 Vice Versa Cabernet Sauvignon Mysterons

    Tasted with Samantha - I believe all wines received about a 6 hour decant.

    This was one of my favorite wines of the tasting! For some reason, this was like To Kalon on steroids...the fruit was darker and more intense (as was the dark chocolate) but not in an over-extracted way, just a more potent way (if that is even possible!) The fruit was accompanied with notes of dark potting soil, some licorice, some tar and some graphite, coupled with sweet tobacco and sweet toasted oak. Certainly delightful know, but has the balance to go for a few decades. Depending on how you like your wine, this is delicious and hedonistic now showing off the purity of fruit, or will be awesome later if you would like more complexity and some nice tertiary flavors to accompany the fruit. I cannot overstate that there is plenty of fruit and I would expect this wine to last longer than me (although I will be drinking all mine!) 96-96+ today, and a great wine!

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