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  • 2004 Concha y Toro Carménère Terrunyo Peumo Vineyard Block 27

    Black opaque color with a thin brick red hue. Intense aromas of black currant, sweet licorice, freshly cut tobacco leaves, tea and currant liqueur. On the palate there is a similar sweetness and liqueur drive with loads of concentration and intensity. Layers of black currant, clean and ripe, with green, vegetable notes framing it. The midpalate and finish packs licorice, tobacco and a touch of vanilla. The ripeness and power is really counterbalanced by the green vegetable notes, making the overall impression balanced and with a lot of drinkability.

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  • 2005 Le Macchiole Bolgheri Rosso

    Dark red center with a slightly orange hue. Warm, inviting nose with dark plums, morellos, crushed stones and licorice rot. Similar taste where the warm, ripe, dark fruit dominates the attack, but quickly leaves room for the licorice, crushed stone and tobacco on the midpalate and finish. Somewhat metallic on the finish, which I can’t get my head around at the moment.

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  • 2006 Sanguis Waxing Poetic

    Opaque color with a thin bluish rim. Brooding and deep black fruit, minerals and oak on the nose. Inviting, but with a backlash of tannins and acidity. Harder on the palate than I remember it from last time. Still very tasty with layered black fruit, stony minerals and creamy caramel. The oak adds interesting, well-integrated secondary notes, which do stand out.

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