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  • 2010 Dominio Pingus Ribera del Duero Flor de Pingus

    Very young but extremely impressive: I can't even imagine what the full Pingus must be like. Inky black, incredibly complex nose with a superposition of waxy, red current aromas over very dark cherry, almost like smelling a cherry jam. But tight and rather high strung on the palate: ripe, but more dominated for now by soft tannins, acids, and a lifted minerality. I'll say 94 but it might really be more like 96...

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  • 2000 Domaine Roger Perrin Châteauneuf-du-Pape Reserve des Vieilles Vignes

    A tiny bit over the hill, but still enjoyable. Very dark, with a nose that has distinctive notes of roasted chestnuts overlaid on bright cherry pastilles and oaky vanilla. Seems promising, but on the palate there is a slightly surmature flavor that has become a bit too prominent as the once-dominant fruit receded a bit, so you get a sense of a wine slightly out of balance, slightly flabby and even disjointed. It was better a few years ago... Better drink this up if you own it.

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  • 2013 Philip Togni Cabernet Sauvignon

    Antonio loved this. For me, a bit less evident. The wine has a richly textured appearance and the nose mostly lives up to the look, but has a hint of varnish that for me is a flaw. The primary fruit aromas run to red plums, and you find considerable eucalyptus and menthol, some oaky vanilla. Flavorful but not overripe, with a nice tension between the fruit and the bracing acidity. Long finish with fairly soft tannins. Promising future and it should improve as it ages for at least five or maybe ten years.

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