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  • 2005 Rhys Alesia Syrah Fairview Ranch

    Initially all I wad getting was that Central Coast tar but half an hour open started to bring out some of that pepper. An hour or two later there some meatless folding in. Much thicker on the palate than I remember with a touch of a bite of the very end. The fruit has receded a wee bit maybe but it was still bright on day two. For those os seeking a leaner feel you are going to have to wait longer. For those that don't mind the richness, decant it for a bit. There isn't a ton of tannin and the acidity is lacks closeness to the fruit so I'm not certain about long term aging but you've got another 5 years at least I would going before you really need to give it another though. Fun and cool wine given the winery history and Vineyard.

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  • 2007 Rhys Pinot Noir Horseshoe Vineyard

    Showing more stem notes right now than cohesive expression. This was decanted for probably an hour before it was consumed though it was served a bit warmer than we would have liked. That being said it didn't show any heat. The stems are more spice like rather than the less palatable notes high stem inclusion can often show. I'm guessing better with more rest so the fruit can open again but it didn't feel like a guarantee. Solid wine as it is.

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  • 2005 Georges Descombes Brouilly Vieilles Vignes

    Lots of earthy, sweaty sock brett on the nose. Just over the line for my personal tolerance. There is some great concentration and structure underneath but you get distracted a bit too much getting to it. The wine itself is certainly not showing much age and is probably in a great spot if you get a bottle with less brett than this one. Note that the wine was holding up quite well 2 and 3 days later of fridge storage.

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