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  • willpluc says:

    12/17/2013 8:54:00 PM - I don't believe we know eachother. I'm just looking to connect with other local wine people. I'm new at the wine business. I've been to Tuscany and Napa and would like to try France next.

  • The Wine Write says:

    6/18/2013 5:46:00 PM - Thanks for the friend request. Check out my blog at www.thewinewrite.com...I've done several posts on Central Coast favorites. Randy

  • R&R Wines says:

    5/31/2013 6:07:00 PM - Dr Dodge: We need to gett together and taste some of your Torrin Syrah. I can bring a bottle of equal or lesser value for a blind taste. You in?

  • Redguy says:

    2/27/2013 11:06:00 AM - Hey, good to hear from a fellow Paso Rhone lover. Good call on Booker and Herman Story. Saxum makes fabulous wines but their price point is currently $89 and it may be a few years wait. Besides the ones you mentioned, other wineries I highly recommend in order of preference: Epoch, Nicora (30 year old winemaker just now releasing his second vintage and they are stunning... get on this list now!), Torrin, Terry Hoage, Paix Sur Terre (another young wine-turk. no club just mailing list... great value...mourvedre specialist... great young winemaker), Kinero (Anthony Yount's, Denners winemaker, private label of whites), Sans Liege in Pismo Beach, McPrice Myers (Russel from Herman Story's old partner... makes comparable wines to HS), Onx is a very new one that has some excellent quality and interesting blends. Haven't hit their stride yet but there is potential. There are others and I could go into more detail but here's probably not the place. Let me know if you have specific questions and again, great hearing from you. Next time you're in the area drop me a dime and maybe we could meet up and share a bottle or tasting. We did some tasting this weekend (and barrel tastings)... Paix Sur Terre's new releases were excellent and we tasted barrels at Terry Hoage, they were stunning. Elegant, classy, well-balanced, table-friendly wines that you can't go wrong with. There is palpable buzz up here in regards to the 2012 vintage. Great quality and good yields. The TH 2012's from barrel were amazing. I suggest planning to go long on the 2012 vintage from Paso producers. Any ways, that's all the rambling for today.