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2013 Hawley Wine Merlot Hawley Vineyard Dry Creek Valley
Powerful funky musty nose at opening, overwhelming most of the wine's character. This improved by 75% 3 hours after decanting and aeration, but was still lingering quite a bit after 24 hours. On the good side, there is a nice Bing cherry on the mid palate with good acidity, and medium finish. If the funk was not there, I would say this could age nicely for another 3 years until 2024. If your bottle is like mine, pop and pour... down the drain.
  • jmcafee commented:

    7/7/21, 7:38 PM - Thank you for your comment! Glad your bottle was better than mine.

2012 Domaine Drouhin Oregon Pinot Noir Laurène Dundee Hills
6/21/2020 - andreask888 Likes this wine:
92 points
Consumed over the course of 3 days:

1. Corovin - still very fresh with great complexity on the nose and the palate. Medium weight; dark garnet in colour. Showing milk chocolate and violet, both on the nose and the palate. Tannins well integrated with secondary notes coming through quite well in the glass after less than 1 hour;
2. Decanted - essentially the same notes as via Corovin on pour (so no spoilage through that system); medium weight; garnet in colour; violets on the nose; cranberry and red plum on the palate; crunchy red stone fruit with persistent finish;
3. Left at room temperature fully decanted for 24 hours: this held up very nicely, muted nose as expected, with integrated bright red stone fruit on palate, hinting at morello cherry and red plum, with a tinge of alcohol on the edge of the palate along with a finish that lasts 30 seconds; faded white or milk chocolate and white pepper finish;

NOTE: my last Laurene a week before from 2011 was lacking; this reinvigorates my belief in DDO. 8 years properly stored in bottle has improved this wine.
  • jmcafee commented:

    1/29/21, 8:13 PM - Completely agree re: 2011

2014 Domaine Drouhin Oregon Pinot Noir Laurène Dundee Hills
I don't think I liked this as well as my last tasting 18 mo ago. The fruit has diminished and the tannins are still rough but fortunately mild. It was a disappointment. Previously I had hopes that it would benefit from further aging at least through 2021-24, but I'm less hopeful now.
  • jmcafee commented:

    11/22/20, 8:50 PM - Thank you Dave for your comments, which I do appreciate.

    I have consumed 55 bottles of Laurene since 2003, so I have some historical background to provide context to the expectations.

    While I typically let Laurene age for 7-10 years, I do sample along the way to gauge the progress. Maybe this was an aberrant bottle. I have seen significant swings, good and bad; 2007 was the most dramatic and unexpected.

2015 Drouhin Oregon Roserock Pinot Noir Zéphirine Eola - Amity Hills
9/15/2019 - jmcafee wrote:
I'm disappointed after having much higher expectations following tasting at the time of release. Although there is now very bright acidity that is almost overwhelming, with smooth but limited tannins, what happened to the fruit? Very thin on the mid palate. Maybe more will develop with time in the bottle, but with so little fruit I don't see how. Not a bad wine, but what is left? I will try it again in 2021; there is nothing to lose.
  • jmcafee commented:

    9/15/19, 7:20 PM - Thank you for your comment. I have tasted 308 bottles of Oregon Pinot Noir in 6 years of vintages from 2003 to current, so I am quite familiar of what to expect from producers.

2009 Cana's Feast Winery Cabernet Franc Columbia Valley
This paired perfectly with a vegetable chicken tortilla soup (Gubancs Restaurant, Portland recipe). There is enough fruit and tannin to age at least to 2018.
  • jmcafee commented:

    12/12/16, 8:54 AM - The best explanation for the discrepancy is bottle to bottle variation. The purchase time/location and cellaring were identical.

2011 Domaine Drouhin Oregon Pinot Noir Dundee Hills
3/16/2013 - jmcafee wrote:
87 points
Pleasant to drink now, but this will not improve much with age. Structurally it is a lightweight. Drink now through 2016. Tasted twice with similar results.
  • jmcafee commented:

    3/21/13, 11:49 PM - Re: how do I know it wont improve with age?

    Understand that wine aging is nothing more than a prolonged chemical reaction. The outcome depends on the core ingredients in the milieu. If the ingredients lack balance, or are simple, or are rather weak in their expression, there is a good chance that any of these will limit the potential for the wine to positively change or improve character over time. A wine that doesn't improve with age doesn't mean the wine is not good -- to the contrary!

    Your sense of what wines are age-worthy are based learning about the composition of wine, followed by a prolonged tasting experience that includes keeping tasting notes, then back testing those predictions referencing the tasting notes. Historically I've been pretty good and I'm confident of my judgement (though I do make mistakes). What works for my palate may be different for someone else.

    Invest in 3-6 bottles of a given wine, drink one every few years, and keep notes on what you taste at each point. You will begin to appreciate how a wine changes -- for better or worse.

2011 Domaine Drouhin Oregon Pinot Noir Dundee Hills
2/10/2013 - Oregon Pinot wrote:
85 points
New bottling and not ready for consumption or release. Bouquet & taste were identical. Harsh tobacco notes with very little fruit. Wine was tight and felt unripened. It tastes similar to the 2007 vintage which was another cool year but 6 years later became a favorite for everybody. You have to trust the winemaker, lay it down and hope that somewhere around 2017 you have scored a hit. Personally, it made me go back and snap up more of the 2010 vintage
  • jmcafee commented:

    2/10/13, 3:06 PM - Completely agree with the comments. Don't touch this until 2015.

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