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2009 Sherwin Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Spring Mountain District
6/10/2018 - roybivens Likes this wine:
95 points
Great bottle of wine. Just as I remembered. Stood it own against Spottswoode 2010 - that's saying something. Score [ 50 + 5 + 14 + 18 + 8] = 95
  • roybivens commented:

    6/30/18, 11:51 AM - Agree. This is a great winery. I was there a few years ago. Special place. The winery across the road is Rattlesnake. Also enjoyable, though a different experience.

2012 Beringer Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Knights Valley
1/9/2017 - pc2006mg wrote:
91 points
Good but not great! Paid $45 at Costco so a bit overpriced. Most likely will not purchase again.
  • roybivens commented:

    1/9/17, 1:44 PM - Interesting. I had this last evening and enjoyed it much more than I did when I had it a few weeks ago. They both came out of the same cellar.

2005 Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Columbia Valley
12/14/2015 - gmbdds wrote:
90 points
This has aged well. Dark color with no bricking. High-toned with blackberry and blueberry fruit with oak nuances. This was never a 95 point wine, but remains a well made value. Drink soon.
  • roybivens commented:

    12/15/15, 5:24 PM - I agree on drinking soon, though it is still quite good. I have a few of these left - had one last week - and it is time to drink up. Still a vanilla bomb, and very enjoyable.

2010 Domaine Serene Pinot Noir Evenstad Reserve Willamette Valley
3/21/2015 - roybivens Likes this wine:
93 points
We tasted the 2010 WS 95 / #3 of 2013 side by side with the 2008 WS 93. Both of them scored 93, but for different reasons. Both were very enjoyable with our parchment salmon dinner, yet the 2008 won consensus for best of the two. The 2010 had a smoother finish out of the bottle, and definitely lives up the the WS description of deft. But the 2008 kept getting better and was the favored choice by the end of the evening. Can't go wrong with either, but, at least right now, I would choose the 2008 over the 2010 – for taste and value.
2008 Score = [ 50 + 5 + 13 + 18 + 7 ] = 93
2010 Score = [ 50 + 5 + 14 + 16 + 8 ] = 93
  • roybivens commented:

    3/23/15, 4:07 AM - My sense is that the 2010 still has some developing to do. It definitely had more nuance to it than the 2008, and was very enjoyable. But I think holding it for another year, or so, might do it some good. That would would put it closer to the middle of the drinking window and allow the subtleties to develop a little more past the tannins to bring this beauty into its own.

2007 Two Hands Cabernet Sauvignon Charlie's Patch Napa Valley
11/14/2014 - TheDarkPrince Likes this wine:
94 points
A stellar wine..

7 years old and still going strong. The nose is fresh and youthful today. A huge nose of dark precise fruit and valrhona dark chocolate.

In the mouth, the wine jolts you with the tannins. It's still precociously tight, with a broad-shouldered structure. This wine is built for the long-haul and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Huge extended finish. I detect a hint of syrup, although the wine is not sweet in any way. There is a dusty element to the wine, which adds a touch of complexity on the palette.

This is a great napa cab, with easily another 10 years of runway…

  • roybivens commented:

    11/19/14, 5:01 AM - I agree. I was very impressed with this wine when I popped it in January - much more so than expected. Have a few more that I'm waiting on for a while.

2006 Hall Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
5/12/2014 - vinodolphin Likes this wine:
92 points
Excellent, great dark fruit and some tannins remaining. I really thought that this would be the last year for this vintage. I believe that it has a couple of years left.
  • roybivens commented:

    5/13/14, 10:29 AM - I agree. I think this beautiful wine is now fully integrated with a lightness at first that packs a wonderful, powerful finish on the back end. It is drinking really nicely right now - prime time.

2010 Antinori Tignanello Toscana IGT SuperTuscan Blend
3/1/2014 - LWI wrote:
87 points
Blind. Thought this was a heavily oaked southern Rhone or a Ribera del Duero from a warm year. Incredibly oaky, a pity because the fruit beneath it is actually quite good. Hard to evaluate.
  • roybivens commented:

    3/1/14, 6:06 AM - I wouldn't worry too much yet. The consensus from both Spectator and Advocate suggest it isn't ready until 2016. All of the professional reviews that I have seen rated it very highly (ranging 92 - 96). I suspect it just needs time to integrate and settle out. Maybe you put a few away for a few years and see how it changes.

2008 Rodney Strong Cabernet Sauvignon Single Vineyard Alexander's Crown Vineyard Alexander Valley
2/16/2014 - quaffnov Likes this wine:
93 points
Short decant time time but started off with a great nose nonetheless, oaky with lines of chocolate, truffles, currants, lovely to inhale. Taste was surperb, masculine in it's forward flavor with a long finish, tannins are well integrated and enjoyable, excellent complexity which increased with time in the glass, decant two plus hours if you can. Going to track another couple of these down if possible.
  • roybivens commented:

    2/16/14, 8:00 PM - I picked up a few of these at Total Wine about a month ago. I agree it is a great bottle.

2005 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
1/23/2014 - Grenik Likes this wine:
91 points
Integrating nicely. Red fruit profile. Developing some secondary flavors of spice, cedar, tobacco. Medium finish.
  • roybivens commented:

    1/24/14, 9:39 AM - How much more time would you give this? I had posted a note on this a few days ago and wasn't as impressed ... perhaps I didn't give it enough time to open before diving in. Thanks.

  • roybivens commented:

    1/24/14, 11:06 AM - Thanks, sir. Very helpful. I think I probably did jump the gun as I did not decant - only used Venturi. Your comment about this not getting much better from here makes sense. I have 2 more and will decant next time - will open soon.

2010 I Giusti & Zanza Nemorino Rosso Toscana IGT SuperTuscan Blend
12/23/2013 - rjm_va Likes this wine:
88 points
Good but not quite the other reviews' notes. Tasted and felt a bit thin; short fruit and not enough finish. May hit another bottle soon to see if any variance.
  • roybivens commented:

    12/23/13, 6:10 PM - I agree. I bought this based on JS Top 100 Super Tuscans for 2012 and was looking for a more developed wine based on that review. Not bad, just didn't live up to expectations. 88 seems about right.

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