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2017 Feudi di San Gregorio Greco di Tufo Cutizzi Greco di Tufo DOCG
Feudi di San Gregorio Società Agricola S.p.A., Cutizzi, Greco di Tufo, Greco di Tufo DOCG, Campania, Italy, 2017, 13%.
100% Greco di Tufo.
1 (750ml) purchased from WiB-205 on 05/16/2019.
L S146513
Feudi di San Gregorio Greco di Tufo 'Cutizzi' Campania 2017 is gemaakt van 100% greco di tufo, afkomstig van de beste wijngaard van het wijngoed.
Na zorgvuldige handmatige oogst en een strenge selectie van de beste druiven, werd het voorzichtig geperst en gefermenteerd bij een gecontroleerde, constante temperatuur.
Dit werd gevolgd door verschillende maanden ontwikkeling op de gist.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    3/15/20, 4:32 PM - @ benny-g: Ofcourse, I know, but I think it is uselfull info for me to check it back, whenever I wanted and also for others.
    If I have the time, I give - next to the complete info of the bottle (also of whiskies, beers etc.) - a TN, including an QPR.
    And I always indicate or did like the drink or not.
    But please, feel free to neglet the extra info.

  • Homer Holland commented:

    3/15/20, 4:41 PM - WOW ! That's quick !
    You wrote:
    "I prefer to give information about my perception of the sweetness, acidity and bitterness." Add: cleanness, character, body, balance, complexity and length etc..

  • Homer Holland commented:

    3/15/20, 5:28 PM - ? - It's about TNs.

White - Sparkling
N.V. Freixenet Cava Cordón Negro Brut Macabeo-Xarello-Parellada Blend
1/4/2020 - Homer Holland wrote:
82 points
Freixenet, Cordón Negro, Metodo Tradicional, Gran Selección, Brut, Cava, Catalonia, Spain, 11.5%.
EAN 8410036009090
L8344019M8 (= from 2019 ?)
Made of macabeo, parellada and xarel-lo by the Metodo Tradicional with maturing for 10 to 14 months in the bottle (other sources say 18 to 24 months; the legal minimum is 9 months).
I find the Gran Selección on the label somewhat misleading. since to gain the Gran Reserva designation, the maturation period is extended to 30 months.
Well made, modern style sparkling.
No faults, but with a very light body and nearly no taste and a no brainer.
Like a good sprakling mineral water, with some alcohol.
Taste very young and more like in tanks produced / matured, than according to the traditional (bottle) method.
It has a rich, a little bit rough, but okay mousse for its price, a nice acidity, so fresh and it is a real brut.
Cheap for around € 7 to 8 normal price in the NLD, but ofcourse very mass produced.
Better spend a few euros more and get (much) more ?
But this no brainer will be liked by "everybody", so it likes parties, goes with snacks and other food or it will serve as apperatiive and/or for cleansing your mouth, before drinking some real stuff.
I find Tom Cannavan with 86/100 and Wine Enthusiast with 87/100 (but with their confusing different higher rating system) too high with their ratings.
For me R = 87 only for the mousse, no faults and being a real brut, but R = 82 to 83 for the overall.
On CT! I think this wine can be found as:
1. Freixenet Cava Cordón Negro Brut
2. Freixenet Cava Gran Cordón Negro Brut
and with the follewing being the most correct name:
3. Freixenet Cava Gran Seleccion Cordon Negro Brut
Concl.: S=82 R=6.5(8) 1/4/20 M=now
  • Homer Holland commented:

    3/5/20, 2:13 PM - @ happytom: It is always good to make someone laugh !

N.V. Craigellachie 13 year old, 46% alc/vol, Single Malt Speyside
2/22/2019 - Zweder wrote:
90 points
Spicy, mild and friendly, despite the alcohol. Some caramel and sweet impressions. Long and sweet finish.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    10/3/19, 4:46 PM - For me this a too high rating for an indeed very good (!), also QPR (!), but rather simple whisky. Maybe this comes from the fact, that whisky ratings (MM etc.) do not compare with wine ratings (RP etc.). Whisky ratings are about 4 to 5 points lower, than quality wise comparable wine ratings and 96 to 97 is the very max.

2018 Cantine San Marzano Edda Lei Salento IGT White Blend
Ambitiously heavy bottle with the biggest punt I have ever seen on a non sparkling wine.
Floral nose, lemony
Surprisingly lean, was expecting something massive from the bottle, lemons, limes and satsumas. Strong floral notes at the end. Long.
This is rather good. Tastes sort of Greek.
Chardonnay 60%, Minutolo 20%, Moscatello Selvatico 15% and 5% other varieties
  • Homer Holland commented:

    8/9/19, 12:18 AM - Nice TN, but give it a rating too.

Red - Sweet/Dessert
N.V. Bacchusfeuer Glühwein Germany Red Blend
8/17/2008 - Kazappa wrote:
60 points
Really awful. Given that it's a cheap German table wine, but this tastes like it was made with synthetic grape juice. I've never poured out a bottle of wine that wasn't defective...until now. Just awful.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    6/11/19, 5:18 PM - Sternthaler GmbH, Bacchusfeuer, Christkindles Glühwein, 1ltr, 8.5%.
    Vertrieb: Hansen Dranken B.V., Linne, NL.
    Lot 3201607 L7449
    EAN: 4006921624949
    See also:
    Come on, it is not that bad.
    Do not forget, this is not a normal wine, but it is an aromatised (dried/skin/peels) fruits, herbs, spices and sweetened (sugar/honey) wine. And it costs in DE or NL approx. € 3 to 4 for 1 liter ! (and you can also buy it cheaper as 4 litre cans).
    I like it at normal temperature, but it is made, to drink it hot.
    And yes, I mostly use it to make a nice tasty meat gravy, it is really (also) very good for that.

N.V. Coca Cola Original Taste Netherlands European Edition 16-1275-NL Zuid Holland Fruit Blend
6/22/2018 - Homer Holland Likes this wine:
84 points
sugars 10.6 gr in 100 ml.
EAN 5000112602463
An okay cola, but very simple and one dimensional.
I very much much prefer the PepsiCo, Caleb’s Kola, which I rated 88.
See PepsiCo BeLux BVBA & Vrumona NL, Caleb’s Kola (Benelux Edition).
The main soda pops from the USA:
• 1885 - Dr Pepper by Charles Aderton
• 1886 - Coca-Cola by John Pemberton
• 1898 - Pepsi-Cola by Caleb Bradham
• 1929 - 7Up by Charles Leiper Grigg.
My rating:
S=84 R=7 06/22/18
  • Homer Holland commented:

    5/27/19, 7:43 PM - Thanks, and a cool drink!!

N.V. Drambuie Scotland Malt
12/9/2014 - FandL Likes this wine:
90 points
A classic that always is in stock in my cabinet. It too sweet for me to drink neat, so I prefer it with ice. Great for cocktails, and in hot chocolate or coffee. For sipping, the 15 year version is best.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    12/26/18, 5:23 AM - Sometimes it is too sweet for me too. But instead of ice, better add a whisky (cask strength, since sometimes, I also like to it give it more of a bite). Always difficult to find out which whisky (or whiskey from Ireland or USA) blends best, but quite often an island whisky will do well, since Drambuie is original also from an island, the Isle of Skye.
    I find the 15 YO also very good, and yes that is certainly for drinking pure, but it lacks a bid of a bite, although its 43%. I find a bid too elegant, too smooth, but indeed the better older brother.

N.V. Benedictine D.O.M. France White Blend
8/17/2018 - Xavier Auerbach wrote:
91 points
A private dinner with friends (at home): A fascinating old bottle of Bénédictine, most likely from the 1940’s, recently acquired at auction. Driven cork, loads of sediment (beeswings). Decanted. With so much alcohol (43% ABV) and sugar present, it is not surprising that this has survived its 70-odd years in bottle very well. Pale golden colour, looks beautiful in the decanter; intensely herbal nose, pungent, with a hint of sweetness; sweet and concentrated palate, rich and soothing, lively and without any signs of decay; hot and fiery finish, very good length. Hardly a refined drink, but the power more than makes up for that.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    11/13/18, 2:04 AM - Very nice Xavier !
    How about when you compare this 1940's bottle A-B with a current bottle (at 40%) ?
    I am curious.
    Will you give a current bottle also such a high score ?
    About 8 years ago I compared a than current bottle of Grand Marnier (the standard edition) with an about 25 years old bottle from the cellar of my father and to my surprise no real difference.
    How well done by their master blenders (and tasting panels).

White - Fortified
N.V. Delgado Zuleta Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Amontillado Monteagudo Seco Palomino Fino
Dark malty nose
Chewy acidity, intense, long and nutty
Serious stuff, might need a bit of cheese
  • Homer Holland commented:

    7/5/18, 8:42 PM - Thank you, but please add ratings to your TNs.

  • Homer Holland commented:

    7/7/18, 4:59 PM - I find it very easy to use the CT! rating, see:
    Try that.

  • Homer Holland commented:

    8/8/18, 12:38 PM - Don't you worry Vijay, I chill out everyday with one or more nice bottles.
    I saw you are a very early CT!, so my respects to you.
    Also for your very nice cellar.
    However I do like scores, since "I like this wine" or "this is a beautiful wine" etc. are too subjective phrases. A score objectives that a little bit.
    And yes, I do know all the arguments against ratings, so a rating alone does not say it all or even much, especially if you do not know that rater, that wine, beer, whisky etc. lover well.
    Therefore a rating with a TN is the best for me.

2017 Società Agricola Nativ Suadens Campania IGT Red Blend
5/20/2018 - Homer Holland Likes this wine:
87 points
Nativ, Suadens Rosso, Campania Rosso IGT, Campania, Italy, 2017
Hersteller: Società Agricola Nativ SRL
Weingut: Azienda Agricola Nativ
13,5% alc.
Lot 2017 L8 3 18
EAN 8000255390613
Restsüße: 14 g/Liter (!)
Säuregehalt: 6,30 g/Liter
3 einheimischen Rebsorten: 33% Aglianico, 33% Sciascinoso en 33% Piedirosso.
Van oude druivenstokken die groeien op de vulkanische bodem aan de voet van de Vesuvius.
Appassimento method (dried on the vine). Ze worden pas in oktober geoogst – veel later dan normaal – zodat de druiven iets indrogen aan de stok en extra geconcentreerd worden.
Met een speciale techniek zijn ze geoogst op het moment dat de maximale fruitaromaticiteit bereikten.
De druiven zijn met de hand geplukt.
Nativ is met 15 hectaren een kleine wijnproducent in Paternopoli, in de streek Irpinia in Campania.
Wijnmaker Mario Ercolino wordt in Italië ook wel "Super Mario" genoemd. Hij hoort tot de beste wijnmakers van Italië. Het is een wijnmaker die de internationale wijnpers doet verbazen met zijn eigenzinnige werkwijze. Ercolino is ooit begonnen als hoofd wijnmaker bij het zeer bekende wijnhuis Feudi Di San Gregorio. In 2008 startte hij met wat vrienden het wijnhuis Nativ.
An again ridiculous high 99/99 (is his maximium) score from Luca Maroni (LM) and according to the LM sticker on the bottle neck the rating is issued in 2019 (sic !). But I noticed before that high ratings by LM are given to wines in extremely heavy bottles and so is this bottle.
It was not sold as an off dry or semi sweet wine to me and I did not look on the label (but it is NOT stated on the label too !) or elsewhere before I tasted it, and I found it an appassimento method like wine and yes, I found that out after finishing the bottle and while writing this TN.
So, I found it far too sweet for a normal dry red wine, but for the rest, I did like it. Medium-plus body, also because of lots of sweet red fruits, sweet cherry liqueur like, but somewhat simple and short. A little bit of tannins and alcohol remain in the after taste.
It tasted like more than 13.5%.
Okay for € 15, but for € 22.50 a bit too expensive.
Now a bit lesser sweet, more overall balance and more tannins.
Very good for in sauces, sorry.
18-05-2018 (= bottle finished)
Now at it's best.
At first S=85, since no faults, later S=87.
Better give this wine lots of air before drinking.
And it will last, will most likely get (much ?) better, for a good while, let's say for 5 to 10 or even more years.
I guess my rating will be higher in a few years from now, but never 99 ..... .
S=87 R=8.5-7(15-23) 5/20/18 M=2018-2025/2030
  • Homer Holland commented:

    6/6/18, 7:43 AM - @ Comment posted by benny-g: 6/6/2018 3:58:00 AM - Is dit een tasting note, wirklich?
    Dear Benny,
    Yes, this is a TN and with, okay a lot, info about the wine.
    If you do not like the info, please, read only the TN itself.
    PS: I checked your TNs and I like them.

2013 Gunderloch Riesling Perm - trocken Rheinhessen
Nice balance between acidity and sweetness in the nose, although there is a slight alcohol/benzol note.
On the palate I find apple, citrus, melon and taste of "slightly rotten fruit" which sounds terrible but isn't.
Further there is again the slight sweetness in a nice combination the acidtiy, a kind of minerality (I can't describe better) and some marzipan.

I find it looses with air, especially the nice freshness.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    12/8/17, 7:17 PM - Thanks, but please give rating too.

2008 Bodegas Cuevas Jimenéz Ribera del Duero Ferratus Tempranillo
6/13/2016 - tplskylrk wrote:
Like. Dark red Spanish fine, full bodied w that Temp edge. Not giving up much on the nose, but the palate is full flavored, the Temp in full rich, spice. So hard to describe the flavors fora Cali Cab drinker. Some dry, rustic ranch angles. Dry wood, leather, hot dusty w some sweet tannins and full flavored fruit, just yummy stuff. Can imagine this killing it w a Palella
  • Homer Holland commented:

    11/3/17, 2:09 PM - Thanks for the nice TN, but also try to add a score to your TN, that will give me/us some more info.

N.V. Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof 112.8 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 56.4% Grain
Bottled by the Austin, Nichols Distilling Company.
Now 2 TNs on CT!, resp. 92 and 94.
And Falstaff 'Bester Whiskey USA 2015' !
What ?!
Unbelievable, since it is very sharp, and for me undrinkable stuff.
Maybe it was MUCH better in 2014 or earlier ?! (my bottles are most likely from 2015 or early 2016)
Behind the sharpness you can taste some good things, but the very strong sharpness is overshadowing everything.
I am going to finish my 3 bottles - and luckily I payed only € 25 = approx. 25 USD each for it - blending it approx. 50/50 with Drambuie, since Rare Breed has a more of Scotch than a Bourbon taste, and that was a good and drinkable mix (but less than 50% Rare Breed, since the high alcohol is nice for the blend, but with more than 50% of Rare Breed the sharpness of the Rare Breed even comes through the sweetness of Drambuie).
The body is medium. The wine has coarse texture. The wine finishes medium. The wine has medium acidity.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    7/30/17, 11:20 AM - .
    @ Soteriologist, 7/30/2017 4:57:00 AM - See proper use in my TN directly before yours. No need to mix. You would miss out on intense flavors. And no, those are typically bourbon. Very, very powerful stuff.

    First of all, thank you Soteriologist for your comment.

    Okay, I emptied my first bottle, but I still have two to go, and although I am a big fan of CS whisky, I always dilute my CS whisky too to see what happens, but I will do it the next time according to your experiences and who knows .......

    I bought 3 bottles of it because amongst others:

    Wild Turkey Rare Breed, 700 ml

    Overall rating 27 votes 84.20

    Wild Turkey Rare Breed, 750 ml

    Overall rating 64 votes 84.37

    So, also a lot of people (but not all) disagree with me right now.

    But a good CS whisky has to be pure, or only with a few drops of water, drinkable and this one is not.

2015 Château Puech-Haut Coteaux du Languedoc Saint-Drézéry Tête de Bélier Red Rhone Blend
6/13/2017 - azscot wrote:
90 points
One of the best roses I have sampled in a long while. Plenty of depth with the Mourvèdre reflecting the earthiness and garrigue of the vineyards of Languedoc.

I've been a long time fan of Bandol roses but they are getting overpriced. This is the best value rose on the market right now.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    7/3/17, 1:21 AM - This is NOT the rosé !

2015 Femar Vini Gran Appasso Rosso Passito Puglia IGT Red Blend
3/23/2017 - GTFreek wrote:
Medium nose shows black plum, candied blackberry, black pepper, anise. Palate is sweet in style, candied white raisins, blueberry, blackberry, cinnamon, medium plus tannins. A little simple but strong flavors. Kind of a fruit bomb but then it has structure too on the finish. Not much mid-palate. Too sweet for me but I could see it's use for some. Nice QPR for what it is.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    4/4/17, 11:27 PM - Agree completely.
    But what is your rating ?

  • Homer Holland commented:

    4/5/17, 1:09 AM - But the mid-palate gets much better, even okay, after a few hours (or after heavily karafferen, aeration ?).
    Then also much more tannins all the way and therefore also less sweet, but still an off-dry red wine (not yet possible to indicate that in CT!, but I e-mailed them about that).

N.V. Heineken Lager Extra Vers Netherlands Malt
6/19/2016 - Xavier Auerbach wrote:
87 points
Combined tasting note of the standard Heineken lager and the "Extra Vers" ("extra fresh") version. Both are brewed to the same recipe and both are pasteurised and filtered, but the Extra Vers (introduced on the Dutch market in November 2015) is chilled during transport and in the supermarket and wrapped in light blocking paper. In particular on the nose, the difference is quite spectacular. The standard version has a slightly sweet, malty aroma, a bit weak, whereas the Extra Vers has a very fresh and floral aroma of hops and yeast, with the malt in the background. On the palate the difference is smaller, both have a lovely and typical lager freshness and gentle hoppy bitters, but again the floral and yeasty flavours are noticeably stronger in the Extra Vers. Unsurprisingly, the standard lager finishes shorter and sweeter than the Extra Vers. A miniature study in the effects of storage conditions. For Heineken this is a clever way to sell its product for almost twice the price (€ 1.09 per 30cl bottle as opposed to about € 0.60 for a 30cl bottle in a standard crate without discount), but it does beg the question why anyone would want to drink the non-fresh beer anymore...
  • Homer Holland commented:

    4/2/17, 10:16 PM - Sorry, Xavier.
    A few years ago we had contact by e-mail about a wine tasting at WH Koninginneweg in Amsterdam and I wrote my current tasting note and gave it my rating without seeing yours first.
    Of course I am surprised by your TN and rating. I rate your wine, beer, distillates, liqueur etc. knowledge very high and I am surprised I gave this beer such a different TN from you, but I tried it only once and with food and somewhat quickly and did not compare to the standard Heineken, which I never buy again, and this was my first impression.
    When I am drinking pils(ener) / lager lately, my favourite lager at the moment is Grolsch Kor­nuit Pils with columbus and cascade hop, which I gave 87 points (see CT!), like you gave the Extra Vers (but I did it by heart for comparison to my Extra Vers rating, but I will also taste it alongside the Extra Vers).
    Although I did not drink the standard Heineken lager for a long time, I certainly can agree with the not so nice sweetness, you are writing about. And yes, some more quality often comes at a (much) higher price, of all people you must know that (and the cooling all the way is expensive).
    Because of you I will give it another try and against the standard Heineken and the Kornuit.
    Proost !
    PS: I could not find a production date or anything of a date on the paper or the bottle or the cap, and I found that quite annoying.
    PPS: One of my favourite not so expensive artisan daily beers are from Basserie Les 3 Fourquets, the Bière Lupulus Blonde, Brune & Hibernatus all in 75cl bottles.

2013 Tenuta Ulisse Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Amaranta
8/7/2016 - fozzibaer wrote:
86 points
Full bodied and fruity, but there is not a lot of structure. Drink it now, I don't think this will improve.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    3/14/17, 9:23 PM - yes, it is drinking well now, but I think it can of will improve; there is a lot of matter in this wine and sweetness and acidity, so I think it will be nice to taste it in 3, 5 and 10 years from now; maybe or likely it will get more elegant and complex;

2013 Tenuta Ulisse Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Amaranta
12/3/2016 - LT1965 Likes this wine:
90 points
Liked the Wine - bordeaux blend thats my taste and at a reasonable price
I tasted other vintage as Well 2013 definetly the best so far.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    2/27/17, 6:02 PM - Bdx blend ?!

Fruit/Vegetable Wine
2012 Zilver (ZS Pīlādži) Rhubarb Barberu Dzirkstožais (Rhubarb Sparkling) Latvia
12/30/2014 - SAND wrote:
Slight rhubarb aroma on the nose.
Relatively light, appears very dry (despite the back label's "semi dry" description), some fruitiness, a slight bitterness in the aftertaste.
Drinkable but not very interesting 2 year old rhubarb wine.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    2/15/17, 1:39 PM - Thank you.
    Maybe try: Abavas, Sparkling Rhubarb Wine, Rabarberu, Brut
    from: SIA Abavas dārzi / Abavas Ģimenes vīna darītava
    made by: Mārtiņš Barkāns & Liene Barkāne in the Tukuma Novads region in Latvia.

2014 Tommasi Valpolicella Corvina Blend, Corvina
10/25/2015 - lkilpio wrote:
This is somewhat more crisp, more acidic, less fruity and more dominated by berry aromas and flavors than Zenato's Valpolicella Superiore. However, in its own style and nature, this is convincing. The wine was a good pair with home-made pizza.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    1/29/17, 10:37 AM - Agree

Rosé - Sparkling
N.V. Ruinart Champagne Brut Rosé Champagne Blend
Not the Brut, and it's not brut; slightly off dry, but it has a pleasing acidic bite on the finish. A little simple, but it goes down easily.
  • Homer Holland commented:

    12/28/16, 8:39 PM - Thanks for the warning about the difference between the Rosé and the Brut Rosé !

Red - Fortified
2013 Martini & Rossi Martini Gran Lusso 150th Anniversary Vermouth Italy Red Blend
2/5/2016 - IlonaN wrote:
92 points
As far as sweet vermouths go, this is by far the best one I've tried. Very layered and aromatic, quite a lot more bitter than standard sweet vermouth, but in a very pleasing way. Makes a great Manhattan or Rob Roy cocktail!
  • Homer Holland commented:

    11/12/16, 6:19 AM - @ 2/5/2016 - IlonaN wrote: 92 Points

    Please, IlonaN, I agree with you, but don't waste this high quality vermouth in ANY cocktail !

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