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2016 Carlisle Zinfandel Carlisle Vineyard Russian River Valley
8/18/2019 - Geoff Likes this wine:
93 points
Really nice wine with Beautiful lilting nose of both red and dark fruit, faint smoke, oak, medium to full bodied, sweet balanced tannins, long finish. Very enjoyable.
  • Geoff commented:

    8/19/19, 12:24 PM - Mark, Not my experience at all. I like to give the younger Carlisles a little air, so I slo oxed this bottle for about 4 hours before consumption. The nose was medium to strong from the git go and remained throughout the evening meal. I have found the 2016zinfandels to be the best that Mike has ever made. All of them very enjoyable and easy to drink with very high quality. What has been your experience?

  • Geoff commented:

    8/25/19, 5:13 AM - Mark, I had to try the 2016 Papera and I did over several days. Not at all to my liking. The major flaw I found was an over powering green, leafy, stemmy, chlorophyl note, which has never appealed to me. I notice Mike seems to like this, especially in his syrah based wines. He uses a lot of whole cluster fermentation in the Syrahs and not so much in the zins. I didn't notice any brett though. Perhaps a bad bottle.

2012 Antica Terra Pinot Noir Antikythera Eola - Amity Hills
11/23/2018 - Geoff Likes this wine:
95 points
Beautiful nose with depth of fruit, dark redmand some blue notes as well. very good mouthfell,tannins present but receding, bright but not overly acidic, balanced, some secondary notes just beginning to evolve. Long finish. Very nice wine.
  • Geoff commented:

    11/24/18, 7:01 AM - Interesting that you ask. Initially I opened this wine on Thanksgiving 2 hours prior to consumption. No decanting I had also opened several other wines including a 1993 Leoville Las Cases and several nice whites. Some at the table did not prefer a red with the grilled turkey, and only drank the whites. That left me with the Antikythera. I only drank a regular pour glass of that wine an then recorked and refrigerated. Initially it was a bit brighter, but the same profile. So it was opened a total of 31 hours total before complete consumption. On Friday, my wife and I finished the bottle with a beautiful steak for dinner. It had actually improved since initial tasting with a slight resolution of the tannins and smoothing of the mouthfeel with a deepening of all flavors. I find this unusual for a Pinot Noir to do this, but very pleasing. I would tell you that this wine is drinking very well right now, but there is no rush, because it has a moderate life in front of it. No problem drinking it either now or later, if you prefer.

2009 Saxum Bone Rock James Berry Vineyard Paso Robles Syrah Blend, Syrah
7/13/2016 - Geoff Likes this wine:
95 points
Doesn't get much better than this. Tremendous nose of mixed dark fruit. Tannins present, but not overpowering. Smooth, complex, delicious. Everything in balance, long finish. Just a delight!
  • Geoff commented:

    7/14/16, 8:39 AM - This one was decanted for about an hour for aeration. I find the Saxums all benefit from breathing. They are all very full bodied. I wouldn't hesitate to give this one even more time in the decanter.

2000 Ch√Ęteau d'Armailhac Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
5/19/2013 - Geoff Likes this wine:
91 points
Everything nice, mild secondary notes. Not blockbuster, but everything in place. No overt tannins, smooth. Pretty palate and long on the finish.
  • Geoff commented:

    5/20/13, 1:47 PM - I think its ready. Probably at its apogee.

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