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2018 Weingut Keller Riesling von der Fels Rheinhessen
9/20/2021 - Rote Kappelle Likes this wine:
89 points
Under cork, opened and notes made at about one hour and next day. Scored this as very good using the Cellar Tracker scale.

I enjoyed this wine, though I think there is better quality available for less money from makers like Weil, Haag, Thorle, Dr Bassermann-Jordan and even JJ Prum. My inclination is to go straight for the Keller GG Rieslings, which are pricey but great.

Apple, lemon, lime blossom fruit, but the fruit seems to lack intensity and presence. Perhaps it will come up with time. There is some fairly bracing acidity and minerality - indeed, for me it is the structure that is the star here but the fruit isn't up to the job. Pleasant drinking but better value and more enjoyment at this price point to be had elsewhere.

By the way, I am pleased to say I got no 'rubber' elements on this wine, thank goodness, as that would be a serious fault. I certainly could see no conceivable way to score a wine at 92 with a sulfur fault of that nature, unless it blew off quickly. Although a hot year could see reductive pongs, this wine does not have the fruit character I associate with a hot year - either they picked earlier, or their sites weren't as heat affected as others. I am not attacking the note maker who did this (this is a fan site, after all), but we do need to try to find consistency and if we like a wine a lot despite a fault (and that can happen) that still needs to be articulated so that the score is something that is meaningful.
  • Rote Kappelle commented:

    9/21/21, 2:16 PM - On cellaring potential, it has the components to age for a considerable time (I would say easily 5-10 years, but probably living for longer), but I would see there being better wines at similar prices and better vintages, too. I am really only getting the Keller GG's now (and in very small quantities given cost), whereas at the von der Fels price range I think Weil, Haag, Prum amongst others offer more. I also think Werner Stempel offers great value and they are all in a similar(ish) style to the von der Fels. What the vdF has that is different is its structure. I just need a little more fruit quality, as I see it.

2009 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Riserva Rabajà Nebbiolo
6/26/2021 - Rote Kappelle Likes this wine:
93 points
Under the ridiculously archaic cork; why not make the bottles from hand blown glass, or hand made clay amphoras as well? In the 21st century using a seal as bedeviled with problems as cork is simply idiotic and/or mulish. Much better options are available. It seems quite clear looking at the notes on this wine that the significant variation is down not just to the idiosyncracies of the various contributors but to the poor quality of cork as a closure. Here endeth today's rant.

This note made about 12 hours after opening and decanting. I use Reidel Bordeaux with Neb, having found it works better than other shapes.

The wine is of medium depth, garnet and a fair amount of brick, a little on the turbid side and with some fading to the rim as one tilts the glass. As Nebs often head to brick hues fairly early I am usually cautious about assuming too much from the brick in the colour. The slight murkiness is another matter.

The nose is dominated by smoky tar and some anise/liquorice; secondary characters consistent with the colour. Then comes some attractive dark cherry.

The palate is potent, long and intense. The palate has the same elements as per the nose but the fruit is more present and there is even a hint of prune and plum. It is a complex wine with robust tannins that are now coming into better balance with the fruit. Earlier, the tannins were verging on Stalinist. I have read one writer assert that 2009, although very warm, often resulted in somewhat under-ripe tannins, as the vines shut down too often for the tannins to ripen fully, creating a disjunct with the very ripe fruit. I think there might be something in that with this wine, but how this impacts your enjoyment of the wine will depend on your tannin tolerance. I have to say that I love this and the tannins are not an impediment; as with many great things, one sometimes has to look around the odd flaw, or slight imperfection. The sum here is really very good indeed. The wine is also now freshening up, compared to earlier, when it seemed slightly tired.

I am tempted to say that this wine probably has a long life ahead of it, but the issue is bottle variation because of the crappy seal. A bottle I had a year ago was far more fresh and even after a day decanted was clearly still too young, whilst this bottle is in a really nice spot now. I could easily have scored this at 94 - it is on the cusp.
  • Rote Kappelle commented:

    9/5/21, 2:12 AM - Drwine, re the closure and why my rage against the (leaky) machine, the answer lies in 3 things;

    1. Read the second last sentence of my para 1 and first of para 6. The answer is there.

    2. I may be an angry ant.

    3. I am a Cabernet lover and we are, by nature, cantankerous and prone to nastiness, much like the tannins of that grape and sour, like the acid of that grape in many vintages.

White - Off-dry
1998 Gunderloch Nackenheim Rothenberg Riesling Auslese Rheinhessen
1/6/2013 - The Klipper wrote:
93 points
Shit, goddamn, get off your ass and jam! And don't open this for a while if you have a pristine bottle.
  • Rote Kappelle commented:

    5/10/21, 2:21 AM - Brother, always most splendid to see Funkadelic quoted in a wine review! I thought this wine was fantastic cosmic slop.

2018 Alain Graillot Crozes-Hermitage Syrah
2/27/2021 - ludwigbpm wrote:
92 points
Un vin que je n'avais pas visité depuis le 2015, je le boude habituellement dans les millésimes moins mûrs, je trouve que la patte du vigneron est à son meilleur et le plus équilibré dans les millésimes qu'on trouve parfois too much chez d'autres. J'ai d'agréables souvenirs des Guiraude 2009 et 2003 par exemple, et souvent cette cuvée de Crozes s'en rapproche beaucoup.

Ce millésime mur ne fait pas exception, on sent les caractéristiques de Graillot et notamment la rafle (thé noir avec un côté poudreux, légère pointe verte) mais ici contrebalancée par une richesse fruitée (fruits noirs, mûre) et de beaux amers qui rappelle les meilleures chocolats noirs. C'est d'un équilibre exemplaire, frais et sans esbroufe, hors des modes, ça mérite d'être souligné.
  • Rote Kappelle commented:

    2/27/21, 6:23 PM - My French is not what I would like it to be, but I think I have managed to get the general meaning of what I found to be a very good review. Forgive me for not putting this into your language but it is a very slow (and probably grammatically quite poor) process for me. I have just one question - 'mur' means, I think, 'wall' and you use it to describe a vintage character. Are you able to help me to understand what is meant by a wall vintage? With regard to the vintages to which you refer I am thinking it is equivalent to 'big, or powerful'? Once again my apologies for not putting this question properly in your language; this is my best effort "Qu'entendez-vous par un 'mur vintage', s'il vous plait?"

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