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2018 Richard Leroy Chenin Les Noëls de Montbenault Vin de France Chenin Blanc
10/20/2022 - vintage_whine wrote:
was expecting something more natural, but the small amount of sulfur in play here was wisely chosen, along with the wise pick date that keeps the fruit in a perfectly succulent state without any sense of being overripe despite 14% on the bottle (7C). 15 minutes later the ethyl acetate pokes out, and we get wallpaper glue and green guava and pineapple, you know the stuff that drives hipsters wild. what also builds is the sense of power, at first opening, i was underwhelmed, and thankful I paid 85€ instead of the normal retail price, bc this wine seemed unremarkable in terms of concentration or intensity, but it is a very big wine and needs some air to make that statement. it's also is completely in line with other wines at the 85€ mark from savennieres, and id be hard pressed to justify the hype that pushes the price to $300-$400. The finish has caramelized and smoky notes which is the only place where the oak shows its presence, its brown-toned and savory. but again, the EA and VA are jarring and ruin what would be an otherwise lovely experience. for all the othr folks that adore this wine simply because of its fame, well , it doesnt take much brains to do that, but lets call this what it is, natural wine, with fantastic terroir that is barely managed by an idealist winemaker. there is even a slight tinge of residual gas but the VA squeezes the throat on every swallow and you have to wince just a bit (more if you've paid full price). at 30 min, the red fruit component to the nose comes out, and you notice the red raspberry component and the pine resin, just like in a great jurancon sec from souch (1/10th the price). At the end of the day we're left to conclude that there are great terroir in Anjou for dry Chenin that have traditionally been used for sweet, but in this bottle youre paying for the vigneron but enjoying the terroir. this is not a unique phenomenon. 1 hr in, still VA and EA, with brown caramelized apple tones, and interestingly the hollow thinness of the wine that was apparent at openeing returns. meh.
  • vintage_whine commented:

    10/25/22, 6:32 AM - No sulfur added will never mean no sulfur. It’s a matter of yeast metabolism. But more to the point, I’ve learned there’s what a vigneron says they do, and what my nose tells me they actually do. I trust me.

  • vintage_whine commented:

    10/25/22, 7:00 AM - That’s the funny thing about forums like this place, isn’t it? You never know when you “correcting” the tasting notes of someone who has made multiple vintages of chenin in the Loire and who is also a master sommelier. I’ve personally found reading other people’s first hand experience of a wine to be humbling. Regardless. Thank you for reading through my tasting impressions!

2018 Laura Lorenzo DaTerra Viticultores Arribes Camino de la frontera blanco White Blend
6/13/2020 - pepmi wrote:
89 points
As we remain in Galicia, another wine from the talented non-interventionist wine maker, Laura Lorenzo. This time a blend of Malvasia and Verdejo. With community holdings of only six bottles, a rare find indeed.

In the glass, the color is a pale, hydrated yellow. A lemon sharpness hits the roof of the mouth and draws the tongue up. I find myself squeezing my cheeks in search of more fruit in vain. The finish is more of wood and herbs -- fennel comes to mind. I have the slightest hint of cork on the finish, which distracts my attention, unfortunately.

This wine has a certain New World weight and viscosity. It's not a picnic wine nor a wine to serve with delicacies. With utmost concentration, I place this wine among my memories of an Australian Semillon from say Brokenwood.
  • vintage_whine commented:

    9/7/21, 3:44 PM - This wine is not from Galicia, it is from Castilla y Leon

1970 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Riserva Ovello Nebbiolo
4/18/2017 - Eric Guido wrote:
The ‘71 Ovello was completely resolved and on the decline, yet I still found something to like with its bouquet of dried roses, cinnamon, orange peel, and amaro. On the palate, I found light textures with hints of strawberry and a zing of acidity, which added much-needed liveliness. It finished short on dried fruit and flowers.
  • vintage_whine commented:

    7/24/20, 8:36 AM - Did you intend to file a tasting note for a different vintage? this is the '70, not the '71

2001 Calabretta Etna Rosso Etna DOC Nerello Mascalese
6/16/2018 - PaulusLoZebra Likes this wine:
94 points
Same score and similar notes from my last bottle two years ago, with perhaps a bit more forest aromas and a longer finish than I remember - although the finish is still powerfully infused with bittersweet cherry and minerals. Even if the wine is showing a bit more age than before, it clearly has many fine years ahead of it. Subtle, silky, complex, great structure - Outstanding.
  • vintage_whine commented:

    11/8/18, 8:52 AM - Did you bottle actualy indicate that it was "piede franco" anywhere on the label?

2014 Eberle Viognier Mill Road Vineyard Paso Robles
5/1/2017 - RajivAyyangar wrote:
85 points
MNB: High Terpene Whites (Home (Noe st)): Medium Yellow in the glass
- Slight peach, but also butter, oak, yellow apples, VA (ethyl acetate)
Dry (maybe slight RS, but probably not), full-bodied, high alcohol (15%), medium acid, medium bitterness.
Ripe peach with butterscotch and vanilla.

Whole cluster pressed, stainless steel ferment, 1/3 no malo, 1/3 used oak with delestage/racking, 1/3 in used oak sur lie.

This is a pretty good example, but needs more peach.
  • vintage_whine commented:

    6/3/17, 8:26 PM - Delestage isn't a term interchangeable with racking. it refers to a type of cap management technique that often extracts more tannin than punchdowns (pigeage) or pumpovers (remontage). the term you're probably looking for is soutirage.

2005 Château La Gaffelière St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend
6/1/2017 - bjwca Likes this wine:
91 points
Lots of earth on this wine, with a very nice finish. Perhaps there was fruit early on, but if so, it is mostly gone now. I had a 1982 bottle of this same wine in 2014 that was incredible, but I have doubts that this vintage will be as incredible when it reaches 32 years old. Surprising, because I thought the 2005 vintage was supposed to be the next 1982 vintage.
  • vintage_whine commented:

    6/3/17, 6:24 PM - you realize that the 1982 was 32 yr old when you opened it in 2014 right?

White - Sparkling
2008 Raphaël & Vincent Bérêche Champagne Grand Cru Côte Chardonnay
10/11/2016 - Biggsy wrote:
95 points
Quite powerful on the nose, baked apples and a touch of fresh bread. It’s really lovely with a perfect balance between the vibrancy from the bubbles to the real power and depth of flavour. There is classic Blanc de blancs freshness with citrus to the fore, but then it rounds out on the mid palate with a lovely toasty brioche character giving real depth and intensity. Very, very good.
  • vintage_whine commented:

    4/19/17, 8:53 AM - can you verify that this was 2008 Grand Cru Cote and not 2008 Premier Cru Cote?

White - Sparkling
N.V. Jacques Selosse Initial Champagne Grand Cru Chardonnay
12/20/2016 - Neecies Likes this wine:
88 points
I know how spectacular this wine can be, and this bottle was sadly missing those bright and special elements. Instead it was merely a good, mature tasting bottle of vintage bubble. Note: cork seemed compromised--it was very stuck at first then came out with barely a whimper. Disgorged 10-1-2013.
  • vintage_whine commented:

    12/21/16, 4:59 PM - what was the disgorgement date?

2014 Branger Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine Sur Lie Grande Réserve Grand Fief Melon de Bourgogne
10/30/2015 - vintage_whine wrote:
Riper style at 12% and with m+ acidity at best. dissolved CO2 and vegetal notes (fennel, arugula, cress) muddles the border between muscadet and Gruner. slight hints of honeyed tones to the fruit belies a difficult vintage where rot and botrytis were prevalent. interesting, if not typical.
  • vintage_whine commented:

    11/3/16, 9:10 AM - Lived there and worked vintage. no sources needed.

N.V. Elegie Côte-Rôtie Syrah
9/27/2012 - vintage_whine wrote:
90 points
Subdued fruit, mineral driven, with fine powdery talk, dried floral and toasted black pepper notes. Balanced acidity and rounded tannins. More intriguing on the nose than the palate, with no discernable new oak, and at the same time one of the most typical examples of northern Rhone syrah, despite the vintage. Poised. Lack fruit comes out when paired with triple cream brie
  • vintage_whine commented:

    11/11/14, 12:29 AM - Yes, given the way my bottle was procured, I do know the vintage mine was a 2009

2009 Domaine Courbis Cornas Champelrose Syrah
9/1/2013 - Androurse wrote:
90 points
The wine looks Purple colored. The legs are Medium. It smells like and Black currant (cassis). It tastes like and Black currant (cassis). The body is Medium/Full. The wine has Polished texture. The wine finishes Medium.
  • vintage_whine commented:

    9/9/13, 8:38 AM - This comment is both grammatically atrocious and devoid of meaningful information. two strikes.

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