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2009 Copain Pinot Noir "En Bas" Kiser Anderson Valley
5/17/2016 - Edclr Likes this wine:
94 points
Same as last note, but had alongside 2008 Beaux Freres. Both equally good wines, but night and day different in flavor profile. The Beaux Freres was dark and brooding, like a Nuit St Georges, or very northern red burg. The Copain more like a Chambolle, with the brighter fruits.
  • Edclr commented:

    5/17/16, 10:01 AM - I have a few bottles left, but am about to leave for my summer abode and have none of this vintage there, so its next November before I can try another. On the last note posted before mine, I would guess if one is used to drinking Meiomi type pinot's, this will come across as acidic and a bit bitter. If one is used to the cool climate pinots, or red burgs, which is where I am, it's exactly what you are looking for in a pinot. I will watch for your posts.

2009 Walker Station Vineyards Pinot Noir Leslie Ranch Russian River Valley
9/30/2014 - Edclr Does not like this wine:
84 points
First bottle of 6 and I will dump the rest...alcohol dominates. Hate this style. Should never have bought it.
  • Edclr commented:

    8/27/15, 10:00 AM - If you had posted earlier I would have sent them to you…gave them to my brother-in-law instead.

1961 Château Gruaud Larose St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
4/27/2014 - Edclr Likes this wine:
87 points
Probably my least favorite wine of the tasting. And, the only bottle of 6 from which the cork came out whole. Somewhat tart, acidic, all earth and spice, no real fruit.
  • Edclr commented:

    8/17/14, 7:10 AM - Yes, sat in decanter for 2+ hours before trying.

2007 Copain Pinot Noir "En Bas" Kiser Anderson Valley
5/9/2014 - Edclr Likes this wine:
93 points
Ditto last note.
  • Edclr commented:

    5/9/14, 10:28 AM - Well, only 1 more 07 en bas, but 5 en haut 07 and 3 Monument Tree 07. But I do have another 60 or so of vintages 09-12. I love their wines, even the syrah's.

  • Edclr commented:

    5/9/14, 7:18 PM - My name is Ed Delahanty and I post under two names in cellartracker - Edclr and Pinotnut. I live in Naples FL and South Bend IN…i maintain two cellars in cellartracker - both with substantial cellars. My wines feature American pinots and red burg. I am an oldie….did a tasting tonight about which i will post some notes - all bordeaux and older american cab based wines;

2006 Alban Vineyards Syrah Reva Alban Estate Vineyard Edna Valley
3/3/2014 - Edclr Does not like this wine:
76 points
Cant believe I ever bought a wine like this. It's now a couple years later, and it is all alcohol and high extract. Nobody at the table finished their glass.
  • Edclr commented:

    4/9/14, 11:39 AM - To Dave, my computer says I have one mag left…I would have to get to my offsite storage to verify that, but, if I do have it, what is your offer? I am a burgundy nut…and, where do you reside??

2010 Black Kite Pinot Noir Angel Hawk Anderson Valley
2/9/2014 - Edclr Likes this wine:
91 points
A pinot for cab lovers. Big, rich, high alcohol, dark fruit, tight still, not a bad wine just not the style I prefer, and not worth the money.
  • Edclr commented:

    2/10/14, 2:48 PM - I opened a bottle, my first of 6, because they just offered me another vintage, and I hadn't tasted the 2010 yet. I'm not going to order the new one based on my tasting. If it were $50, I might order some…because I have some friends who love this style.

1982 Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
11/23/2012 - Edclr wrote:
98 points
Another beautiful bottle. Thanksgiving night, done with turkey, time for steak and lamb chops. Had 82, 83 and 86 Pich's side by each. All very different but could identify all as Pichon Lalande. Not much of even a hint of brown on any of the 3. All perfectly stored, decanted and served. Fruit still bright in 82 and 83, 86 still a bit on the tight side. Great examples of Bordeaux. None of the 3 showing signs of down sliding. But 82 and 83 are probably at peak, 86 still some time left to hit it's peak.
  • Edclr commented:

    3/18/13, 7:14 PM - For drinking today, 82 has the edge....longer term, 86 will outlive it and be better at it's peak. That is true of many 82 vs 86 bordeaux...Margaux, especially and Mouton.

2008 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Ferrington Vineyard Anderson Valley
1/19/2013 - Edclr Likes this wine:
90 points
I like this smoky, berry like flavor combo, but this is going to drink young. Not the minerality I usually associate with Anderson Valley pinots.
  • Edclr commented:

    1/25/13, 8:20 AM - Good point by River Rat...I did not pay attention to those fires - could be something to that....sure was an abnormal palate and I have consumed hundreds of W/S wines over the years.

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