Scholium Tasting

Trestle on Tenth, NYC
Tasted Monday, November 1, 2010 by ews3 with 372 views


We trekked up to NYC to taste through a variety of wines from the Scholium Project. As expected, it was quite an adventure. Abe Schoener himself was there to offer perspectives on the wines, stories, and brought some fun stuff from the library.

These wines are tough to score -- in many cases they are non-traditional so there isn't a benchmark to match them up to... but I gave it my best shot.

The highlights were the more powerful reds, especially the 05 Babylon and the 07 Androkenteinos. The 04 Glos and 05 Cena were my favorite of the whites. But no individual wine could match up to the experience of trying so many different things from the same winemaker trying different things.

Food and service was excellent at Trestle on Tenth.

I'm missing a few wines in here -- most notably a barrel sample of the '09 Cabernet "Chuey" (sp?) that was quite nice. Also an Italian dessert wine and a few others I got a sip of.

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