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  • 2010 Gulfi Sicilia Nerojbleo

    This wine is an incredibly easy drinker, and quite delicious. I'd say not as interesting as Gulfi's Cerasuolo di Vittoria, but still very lovely. This pours very dark. The aromas are pure and dark, showing blackberries, plum skins, graphite powder, and a slight, brighter dried cranberry notion. Palate entry is soft and pure, some very very slight metallic notion is present, but overall it offers some nice lushness of body, light but noticeable tannin, pure darker colored fruits, but absolutely nothing heavy for extracted about it. There's some nice acid present pulling all components together. Finish dials up with more acid, nice pure mineral notes, and this is actually coming across a bit like a Graves Bordeaux. Really lovely, harmonious and long finish... perhaps its best element. The wine stays with you for some time. Not richly complex, but hugely enjoyable. We polished a bottle in under two hours.

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  • 2010 Nino Barraco Zibibbo Sicilia

    Wow, is this wine ever fantastically interesting. If only it was equally delicious as it was interesting. The color is quite orange, like a rose of Pinot Gris. The aromas begin very funky, like a wet cork, but if this is allowed to rest in the glass for an hour or so this note completely dissipates. What you're left with is quite pretty floral, pollen notes, the skin of a pumpkin, and some not very sweet orange marmalade. Actually, the aromas after a few hours open are quite lovely. The palate is rich and thick, nearly oily, with moderate acidity, more undersweet orange marmalade, light minerality, and a dusty squash. Finish shows a bit more funky squash than elsewhere, coating acid and a mouth left a bit unsatisfied after the lovely aroma and palate. I wish this followed through to the end because it's quite enticing initially. I still found the wine very interesting which caused me to drink it rather continuously for hours.

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  • 2005 Stéphane Cossais Montlouis-sur-Loire Le Volagré

    This smells absolutely amazing. Holy crap! So so rich and beautiful. Honeysuckle, sweet pickled cabbage, marcona almonds in oil, the inside of a bee hive and some preserved lemons. Incredibly rich and decadent, but completely dry, pure and thick. Palate texture is lush, smooth, and creamy, with flavors of more preserved lemon rind, high acid, bee pollen, nuttiness. Dominant note is that preserved lemon, and even feels like the preserved lemon juice in the mouth. Wow, fantastic beautiful soft blossom of rich acid on the finish. It opens beautifully and gradually, with no rough edges, like a time lapse of a Lilly opening. This isn't a "sharp" wine. It cuts, but with the blunt edge of a flower petal and you don't even realize you got cut because it feels so good. An absolutely incredible wine. So sad we won't be seeing more of it down the road. Very glad I let all my bottles sit for 6 additional years after purchase. I think these are already drinking fantastic though, so if the right opportunity strikes again I'll try not to hesitate to pop another, but there's also no reason to rush as the structure is completely in balance and this will last a long, long time. The Garagiste price at the time makes this one of the finest values I've had. 92-93

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