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  • 2006 Les Crêtes Torrette Vigne Les Toules

    Opened for 30 minutes. The aromas are quite candied (but natural candy!), showing some candied strawberries, a very slight dusty soil note, but really it's all about that beautiful, lovely elegant strawberry aroma. I absolutely love the nose as it's very pretty and inviting, but subtle. Palate texture is quite light, but creamy for its lightness, offering more berry notes, briar, a very slight bit of spice, light tartness, and again I'm left with the sensation of delicious candied strawberries. Perhaps it's strawberry glaze on a cake (strawberry shortcake!). Like the tartness that sits on my tongue. The finish is soft and light, tart, and those string candied berry notes linger with just a hint of tannic spice. This wine is absolutely killer tonight. Better than my last (unnoted) bottle, and according to my note from 2013, about on par with that bottle, but certainly at a different stage of its evolution and much more singular today without as much complexity as the past. I wouldn't expect this to improve at all from here, but it is at a local peak for sure. Update: This was tired and nearly dead on day two, so drink quickly.

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  • 2007 Garagiste Mystery #4

    Drank over several hours. This is the first bottle of this which I've consumed (gave one away as a gift). Aromas are very dark and black, notes of blackberry fruit and briar, tree bark, rubbing alcohol and rubber. Palate shows similar dark notes. Integrated acidity but the strength of the extract still shines through. Limited tannins remain but the flavors are still on the purple spectrum. More tart on the finish, which continues the purple trend. Lots of vibrant dark fruit, but this simply is not the fruit that I like. Take my note with a grain of salt... I generally do not like Washington wines, and I see how this has more restraint than some, but it still offers an overripe fruit character that I dislike vs. what (used to) happen in Bordeaux. In hopes this was some high end wine I dove in for this early mystery wine... I'll never touch another Garagiste Washington offer again, though. Jon mostly matches my palate in cool climates, but nearly never in hot ones.

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  • 2006 Ayoub Pinot Noir

    When I tasted this on release with Mo at his property, this was among the best 2006 Oregon Pinot's I'd had, so despite 2006 being one of my least favorite vintages, I bought some and packed them away. Eight years later, this is the first I've opened. Indeed, I think I'm in agreement with some of the other recent notes that this was better earlier in its life, and I believe I've made a mistake to let them sit. The color of this wine is a bit thin, showing some brown hues. Aromas show some acidity which is nice, but this is coupled with over ripe plums, cherry skins, and a rubber tire. Palate entry is mild at first, but then those over ripe plum notes come in. Light acid and really no tannins to speak of, but a bitter or burt fruit notion begins to develop as this is held in the mouth. This is the sensation that takes over on the finish when you swallow. Again some spicy acid that I appreciate, but the flavors are darker, overly mature, with a thinness to what lingers, revealing some alcohol. Wishing I drank these earlier, and wishing I didn't have more left.

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