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  • 2002 Thirteen Appellations Thirteen Meritage Napa Valley

    The nose on this was worth the entire experience. Bright cherries dominated the nose. On the palate, this was drinking very nice. Very bright red fruits with a nice finish, with not a whole lot of tannins remaining. I would say this is as best this is going to get and you should drink up if you have some.

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  • 1993 Castello dei Rampolla Sammarco Toscana IGT

    Was not sure what to expect from this. I have had plenty of more recent vintages and this was always a great wine. Upon opening, the nose was classic super tuscan, with a little bit of old world funk and some nice fruit. You can tell there was some age in the nose. The first sip was absolutely brutal. This wasn't corked, but you could tell this was way passed it's prime and had no fruit left at all. We had plenty of other wine to drink so we put this aside and would come back to it later, though we all thought there wouldn't be anything worth drinking.

    After about 90 minutes we went back to it to give it another wine. It was a completely different wine as the fruit was starting to come through and the nasty bitterness had blown off. Was getting a lot of strawberries and cherries on the palate with some old world funk. As the night went on, it continued to get better, though I would not say it was ever at a point where it was stellar. Overall a good wine and a good experience to drink an aged super tuscan, but not a vintage I would buy again

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  • 2010 Opus One

    375ml. Brought to Ruxbin. Didn't take detailed notes. This was very approachable from the start and didn't need time to open up. Beautiful cab characteristics and was by far the best Opus I have had. Stellar

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