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2016 L'Aventure Estate Cuvée Paso Robles Willow Creek District Red Blend
5/10/2019 - Justinito wrote:
Stupid Steph
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    5/11/19, 2:01 AM - Anything more enlightening?

2015 Jean Stodden Recher Herrenberg Spätburgunder Großes Gewächs Ahr
5/4/2018 - Benjamin on Wine wrote:
90 points
Spatburgunder at its best and very typical Concentrated red fruit aromas, as well as smoke, cedar wood and overall quite strong in aroma. Very nicely balanced on the palate, with a medium body, medium + tannins and high acidity. That balance makes it so delightful, Ahr this is great!
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    7/25/18, 2:50 AM - A very low score (84) compared to your tasting note!?

2013 Podere Poggio Scalette Il Carbonaione Alta Valle della Greve IGT Sangiovese
6/28/2018 - Rob-Rah Likes this wine:
92 points
Very, very good. Though I have a nasty feeling that I am missing out on something in 15 years by drinking these now.
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    6/29/18, 6:08 AM - No, I think this has the stuffing to go. Chianti classico, Brunello and other well-made structured Sangiovese like this are usually super with plenty of age.

2015 Pensées de Lafleur Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend
5/21/2018 - Jeff Leve wrote:
92 points
Mint with a handful of earth is the first thing you notice. From there the cherry and plum notes pop up. Medium bodied, silky, polished, soft and sweet, the wine offers cherry pipe tobacco, plums and earthy notes, The soft tannins and layers of fruits keep on going on the palate. The wine was produced from a blend of 54% Merlot and 36% Cabernet Franc.
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    5/25/18, 1:05 AM - I think a typo in the score there :)

1998 Château Léoville Barton St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
4/3/2018 - mmh wrote:
Eight years after buying this bottle i finally popped the cork with high expectations....which were not quite met. Decanted for 2 hours. Fairly complex on the nose, worked very well with food but on its own it was slightly astringent and boring. I am not sure if it was past its peak (doubtful), too young or just a slightly off bottle.
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    4/4/18, 5:33 AM - My suspicion is just “boring” too

2015 Château Larcis Ducasse St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend
1/22/2018 - Eric Guido wrote:
89 points
The Larcis Ducasse was intense on the nose with spiced raspberry and sweet herbs. On the palate, I found silky, broad textures with glossy red berry fruit, yet it lacked in the mid-palate, as I craved acidity and grip. The finish was medium in length with lingering spice.
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    1/26/18, 10:20 AM - Is your score correct (98) on this one?

2015 Maison Leroy Bourgogne Pinot Noir
8/18/2017 - evanqian wrote:
87 points
closed nose, powdery tannins, some leafy and earthy notes, dry finish. not open at all. this bottle seems weird.

Ap 5/5, Ar 11/15, Palate 16/20, Overall 3+3/10
Total 87/100
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    8/18/17, 7:10 AM - Too young. It is barely out of cask.

2010 Château de Beaucastel Côtes du Rhône Coudoulet de Beaucastel Red Rhone Blend
5/14/2017 - zut alors! Likes this wine:
94 points
Completel agree with TREPAK (1/29/17): perfect resolution. balanced, slightly acidic (just enough to cut through the fat of a steak). Better than most entry-level Chat du Papes. Burnt toast notes and Black berry so dark and flavorful, practically seemed syrup-y. Quoi se veut "Coudoulet" en fancais? Une traduction, s'il vous-plaît!
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    5/16/17, 12:41 PM - Coudoulet is not French, but is Provençal for "pebble" (like the ones all over CdP).

2003 Henry's Drive Shiraz Reserve Padthaway
11/11/2016 - Tgarthe Does not like this wine:
85 points
Upon opening I got plenty of hay and leather on the nose before it turned quite pugnant.

It improved after an hour or so, although prune was evident throughout.

Was ok on the palate, didn't feel like it had much body, although the long finish was there.

Think it had just fallen apart a little too much. Purchased from graysonline, so unsure of cellaring conditions.

Will try again soon.
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    11/11/16, 4:54 AM - Most definitely flawed

  • Rob-Rah commented:

    11/12/16, 11:29 AM - I may have had more bottles of this wine than any other (!). The wine may sometimes seem awkward, out of balance, but it should never come across as lacking body. Sometimes I guess it might appear shrill or overly volatile. It's a huge beast of a wine, all sweet fruit and aromatics, and masses of alcohol - for better or worse.

    By the way.... I don't find this needing air now - pop open and pour.

2007 Zlatan Otok Zlatan Plavac Grand Cru Sveta Nedjelja Hvar Plavac Mali
12/21/2010 - Rob-Rah wrote:
94 points
Bouquet of this one different from previous vintages I have tried. Less of the baked fig. More freshness, and an unexpected precision of cassis (almost cabernet-esque!). Palate elegant and rounded. Again, less of the heady mix of wet hay, baked figs and raisins and port flavour. There seems to be less residual sugar than previous vintages as well as carrying its alcohol level more deftly and lightly. More freshness of blackcurrant. Superb structure.

Lovely, and remarkable for Plavac mali. But I hope this marks a vintage variation (2007 was the most recent very good vintage in the region since 2002 amd 2003), and not a change towards a more "international" style. I like all that caramel-fig-and-eucalyptus stuff that is typical for coastal Plavac mali...!
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    2/22/15, 2:57 AM - I don't yet know the 2009 personally - though the vintage conditions were good. The wine is normally made to be able to be drunk on release if you want to though: the fruit quality is very high and is fantastic in youth. I like them at 7-10 years best, but they will keep longer. Open it if you like - you ought not to be disappointed.

2005 La Rioja Alta Rioja Viña Arana Reserva Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
1/23/2015 - NineteenEightyTwo wrote:
87 points
Medium-light rosewood color. This has an airy, bright nose of red fruit. The palate is similarly light-bodied; smooth, with very faint flavors of cranberries. Overall this is very clean, showing minimal oak. There's a little bit of tannin left, but this wine has basically reached maturity. Several hours of aeration did not cause the nose or palate to expand at all. An understated effort that pairs easily with food, this is neither dramatically overpriced nor a screaming value at $25/bottle.
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    1/24/15, 11:21 AM - I suspect a badly-stored bottle.... the ones I have had have been youthful, full of fruit and gloss

2001 La Rioja Alta Rioja Viña Ardanza Reserva Especial Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
3/23/2014 - Crispin Likes this wine:
91 points
Excellent. Brick red. Took an hour to open up, still plenty of tannin but once open it was fruity with vanilla and cedar. Going to leave remaining bottles for a few years.
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    3/23/14, 10:06 AM - Harley... that comment seems to refer to my own latest review of this wine today. If you look at my range of comments on this same wine, you will see that I am indeed describing bottle variation, and tracking each bottle quite open-mindedly, and have posted quite a few notes about this wine and its different qualities in each bottle. Judging from my own experience of the half case I have had so far, and that of other reviewers here, there is a significant issue with bottle variation for this wine in this vintage.

White - Sweet/Dessert
1993 Kiona Chenin Blanc Ice Wine Red Mountain
1/26/2014 - Deven Blackburn Likes this wine:
95 points
Heaven on the nose. Peachy, white flower aromas - I could sniff this all night without getting bored. Surprisingly fresh fruit on the palate for 10+ year old ice wine. Pleasant surprise!!
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    1/27/14, 11:53 AM - 20+ year!

2010 A.J. Adam Hofberg Riesling Kabinett Mosel Saar Ruwer
6/24/2013 - Orlandus wrote:
Rich Riesling character with some complexity. However, its natural sweetness was overwhelmed by a strong sour fruit taste evident on opening and which did not improve after two days in the fridge. Judging from other comments, this is just a bad bottle, although it had been well stored since purchase and did not show any oxidation. I have drunk hundreds of Mosels over the years, so it's not that I don't know what to expect. Approach with caution.
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    6/26/13, 2:43 AM - I've had several bottles of AJ Adam Kab and Spat from 2009, 2010 and 2011, and never had a problem with any of them. You must have been very unlucky as at the moment there's no reason to worry about the quality of the bottling in general.

Red - Fortified
1994 Quarles Harris (bottled under Tesco label) Porto Vintage Port Blend
1/10/2013 - mattmoy_2000 wrote:
A nice port, opening up to honeyish flavours after a (long) while decanted (a couple of weeks). Still fruity and young, but with an ever so slight colour change towards the orange/brown.
No detailed notes, but an enjoyable glass.
Was opened for a birthday party meal on 08/12/12 but not really touched. Drank slowly over the next few weeks, watching the flavour evolve. Re-bottled half-bottle of decanted stuff in a smaller bottle to travel home for xmas with.
Cork showed no signs of staining, and was simply branded "Vintage Port 1994", suggesting a re-corking to hide the Quarles-Harris origin of the wine. (Label simply said "Symingtons"
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    1/10/13, 10:00 AM - I'm not sure that the 1994 Symingtons from Tesco is still technically "Quarles Harris".... I created this CT entry as at the time I purchased that was what I was told. Though my initial purchase was almost 10 years ago if my memory serves me. Tesco will probably have a range of option from Porto when it comes to filling their bottles.

    There's a little discussion about this here:

2009 Zlatan Otok Crljenak Kaštelanski Vinogorje Makarska Split-Omiš-Makarska
9/21/2012 - mstrigel wrote:
a slight taste if plum, much less intense as classic zinfandel (crljenak supposingly the grandfather if zinfandel)
  • Rob-Rah commented:

    10/16/12, 1:16 PM - Crljenak Kaštelanski IS Zinfandel. Not the grandfather of it.

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